Happy New Year!

Fujio Kawagishi Tanakazari ( New Year's decoration )

Fujio Kawagishi
Tanakazari ( New Year’s decoration )

Thank you for helping make 2014 such a wonderful year! At our lacquer ware exhibition, individual after individual was drawn in by the tradition of lacquer ware and were privy to the rich depths of Japanese crafts. At our exhibition of teabowls, people were moved by the connections they felt with each on holding each teabowl in their hands, they were fascinated by the microcosm of each piece. Harumi Noguchi’s highly anticipated sculpture show featured pieces based on characters of Japanese folklore, possessing a vibrant energy – they came to life in the hearts of those who saw them. At the art fair in London, countless clients repeatedly stopped by our booth and many purchases were made. And at our 4th time participating in the art fair in Chicago, we had encounters with familiar faces, as well as fresh ones.
What do we take from art crafts and other beautiful objects? We believe it’s the opportunities that arise for connections between one human to another. Japanese art crafts are thoroughly born of both hand and soul – this is carried on not just in what we can see, but also in what we feel in our hearts. Whether times are rough or tranquil in our lives, pieces exist like good friends. They represent a celebration of the human experience.

To those masterful individuals who create splendid works of art, and to those who appreciate these works, with heartfelt gratitude, we thank you! In 2015, we will continue to strive to discover and present to you the most beautiful art crafts from all over Japan.

We hope that you have a beautiful year!

Shoko Aono & the Ippodo team
Ippodo New York
2015. 1.1.