“Burst of Nature”- An Essay by Shoko Aono, Director of Ippodo Gallery NY

A nandina plant with red berries struggles under the weight of the falling snow while a marten holds its breath, its eyes gazing in our direction. The sweet perfume of a magnolia in full bloom almost wafts from the image as the carp stream against each other in crowded pools.

Nihonga-style painter Daisuke Nakano uses an animated method of expression which makes it appear as if living creatures are on verge of bursting out of the picture. He says, ‘I want to paint pictures that look as if they would bleed if you cut them,’ imbuing each line with life, each color with blood. He takes exhaustive care over every line, capturing movement inside a stationary two-dimensional work. Accurate down to the finest detail, they dominate regardless of size.

In this, the Nihonga works share something in common with the heterogeneity that allowed anime painting to shake the Japanese art world. The exquisite way in which the scenes are expressed provide the viewer with a wonderful sense of enjoyment, touching the heart profoundly, prompting a longing for nature and hinting at how we should think of life.

Nakano was born in the ancient capital of Kyoto and studied design in school. He soon grew fascinated by natural pigments and glue made from deer, so from the age of eighteen, he devoted himself to the Nihonga painting style.

He learned quickly from the flat world of the Nihonga, drawing particular inspiration from the method of using gold or silver leaf as a base that was developed by Itō Jakuchū or the Rinpa School. It wasn’t long before he created his own, derivative painting method, filling the entire surface of the picture with detail.

Depicting the overwhelming power of nature and the climax of life, he expresses the changes of natural world, its evanescence and sorrow. Flowers in full bloom will eventually fall and physical bodies return to the earth. This intoxication of paradox and life is to be found in the work of the ‘contemporary painter’, Daisuke Nakano.

We are delighted to announce that just as spring comes to New York, Daisuke Nakano will be holding his first ever exhibition outside Japan at the Ippodo Gallery, New York.

“Snowy World,” 2016, 71 x 71 in., Natural mineral pigments, aluminum leaf, Japanese ink, jute paper

“Magnolia, ‘Luminous Wind’,” 2018, 71 x 71 in., Natural mineral pigments, aluminum leaf, Japanese ink, jute paper

“Carp, ‘Entreat’ (Ten Aspect series),” H64 x W38 1/4 in., Natural mineral pigments, aluminum leaf, Japanese ink, jute paper


‘Even though I paint animals, even though I paint flowers, I never forget human beings.’

– Daisuke Nakano

雛人形と武者人形展 本日より開催です




Winter Ceramic Collection, just arrived from Japan!

We hope your year has started happily and with abundant health.
Although we are snuggling inside of our respective homes and waiting for warmer times, we would like to invite you to brave the cold to view our new collection of ceramic works, which have all just arrived from Japan.

For those who are living in the sunny South, we hope these pieces inspire classic wintery scenes in your imagination.
For those who are enduring this frigid weather, we believe these pieces offer a sense of warmth, as ceramics are the fusion of clay, water and fire!

We look forward to seeing you in New York.

For more information, please visit our exhibition page

第4回 翔ぶ鳥展 開催中です




Happy New Year 2019 !!


Happy New Year!

Thank you for your loyal patronage and friendship throughout the year 2018.

We at Ippodo Gallery firmly believe in the magic and art produced by humankind.

We remain committed to introducing the finest selected artists living in Japan today.

We are happy to share, support and celebrate living artists together with you.

Wishing 2019 to be a year of happiness and beauty for you !


Coming Soon!

Solo Exhibition :
Our Flowering World : Nihonga paintings by Daisuke Nakano
March 7 ~ April 6, 2019


Thursday, March 14, 6 – 9 pm, Opening reception with the artist


The image is the part of Daisuke Nagano’s screen work, “Snowy World.”


Congratulations on publishing the exhibition book, “The Domestic Plane!”

Congratulations on publishing the exhibition book “The Domestic Plane.” Shinya Yamamura’s lacquer piece is on view until January 13 at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and featured in this book!
We are thrilled to find our lacquer artist Shinya Yamamura’s piece in this amazing exhibition book of “The Domestic Plane” at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum!
Thank you Elizabeth Essner for this remarkable curation of ‘ New Perspectives on Tabletop Art Objects.’ We really enjoyed sharing your concept and vision with you!
Shinya Yamamura’s mountain shaped incense containers express whimsical beauty of summer and autumn mountains.
June Mountain  is on view at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum until January 13 and  November Mountain is currently on view at Ippodo Gallery NY.

For more information on this book, click the link below.

The Domestic Plane: New Perspectives on Tabletop Art Objects

Thank you Architectural Digest Germany for the collaboration with Shota Suzuki’s metal piece

Thank you Architectural Digest Germany and the editor Nina Luisa Vesic for your fabulous collaboration with our artist Shota Suzuki’s metal piece!
Suzuki’s realistic yet delicate leaves and acorn piece is harmonized with the splendid fabric by Dedar, Steven Haulenbeek’s piece, as well as Chanel’s !

Source from https://www.ad-magazin.de/article/geschenkideen?fbclid=IwAR2AHl1NsjwXtGRygm13T-L0YLmAJrx05CrZ9ylXOX5HkjX9jOjgP5yqMjQ


銀座一穂堂にて個展開催中の浅井竜介氏のインタビューが「月刊ギャラリー 12月号」に掲載されております。