Yukiya Izumita: Scenes of Lightness

December 13 – January 24, 2020

Opening Reception with Artist December 13, 5-8pm


Izumita begins his day standing on a beach in the northern Tōhoku region of

Japan. He travels back and forth along the path that leads to his studio,

carrying salt-rich clay and wishing that ‘the clay could be lighter.’ Heavy and

light, living and dying, he searches for a comfortable spot, halfway between

opposites. ‘Energy is like the heart, like the beginning of the universe, it is

concentrated on the inside, then expands eternally into the outside.’ Izumita

takes the five basic elements—Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Void, perceiving

each of them as a function of vibration, awareness, flow, movement and

balance then tries to form them into shapes.


Izumita’s representative series, ‘Sekisoh Layers’ consists of numerous

interwoven layers of clay that seem to float, the dry, white glaze serving to

create a greater impression of lightness. The ‘Kikakei (Geometric)’ series

represents what are probably the structural limits that can be achieved using

clay. The process of Izumita’s creation is a journey to find the ultimate balance

between the shape he wants to produce and the physiology of the clay, his

work evolving endlessly.

– Shoko Aono, Director Ippodo Gallery




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