The Breathtaking Landscapes of Ken Matsubara


Featured throughout the world from the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum to Paris and Cologne, Matsubara’s paintings are serene, drifting, yet contained and dynamic. From intense brush strokes to delicate texture, each painting represents a return to nature – an appreciation and consideration of the earth and natural elements.

Treasuring communication with nature and our roots, Matsubara travels around the mountains and plains of the Nasu District gathering inspiration and materials of colored earth and sand to produce his paintings.

Matsubara’s process requires patience, focus, and a steady hand. As he mixes natural materials with acrylic resin to produce paints, he takes a deep breath and with definite brushstrokes applies the paints onto the screen to create beautiful washes of ink and whimsical drips that mimic that of loud, crashing waves.

His paintings reflect Matsubara’s own appreciation of nature as each piece, with ink waterfalls and silver moonlight, reflect the breathtaking anomalies of nature that we sometimes forget.