Ippodo Gallery at the United Nations ‘ Peace is … Coexistence ‘ on May 18th!


Ippodo Gallery is pleased to announce our participation in Peace is … Coexistence: Tea Ceremony for Peace and Innovation at the United Nations in New York.
Please join us on Friday, May 18th at 2pm for this 7th United Nations “Peace is…” event, held in the UN Visitors Centre General Assembly Lobby.

“Peace is…” is an ongoing project to focus Art and Culture as a medium through which we can better connect with the UN and its agenda. While on its own art may not solve the world’s conflicts, it can provide vision and inspiration as we strive for peace.
Overseen by the Permanent Mission of Japan facilitating the showcase of Japanese artists residing in New York for certain time of period, this event supports the STI (Science, Technology, and Innovation) Forum in June, aiming to advance ongoing Sustainable Development Goal agendas and objectives.

The highlight of this May’s presentation will be the showcase of the suitcase tea room, ZEN-An. Produced in partnership with Ito-en and Ippodo Gallery, the ZEN-An will be reconstructed on site by architect Kuniji Tsubaki in Kimono, alongside some of Japan’s finest artisans.
Guests will be guided by tea masters, invited to drink Japanese matcha tea and sample tea from all over the world: a metaphor for cross-culturalism as well as mutual reflection and respect.

The ZEN-An is Ippodo’s latest effort to share Japanese culture and craftsmanship on a global scale. The mobile architectural structure is portable and lightweight, but packed with high-quality and inventive Japanese architecture. This ingenious construction was designed by Tsubaki to be assembled in just 15 minutes–the same amount of time it takes incense to burn. As the ZEN-An  is built, the UN Chamber Music Society of the UN Staff Recreation Council will perform music featuring Mai Fujisawa, who will sing “Reprise” from Spirited Away among others. This tea ceremony was brought to Central Park on November 1st, masterfully celebrated in the serenity of the vivid foliage. Elegant Japanese carpentry techniques were hand-done, impossible to replicate with machinery.

Here is the special video that captured the tea ceremony in Central Park :


Please click to watch a video.

This event marks a culmination of Gallery Director Shoko Aono’s decade of bridging cultures through art. Following the suitcase tea room performance with ZEN-An, she will be speaking on coexistence and its power–not just with Japanese messaging, but across the world.
“We are more alike than we are different,” explains Aono, “In our wants, our pursuits, and our moments of calm, let us enjoy the tea from all over the world. In these expressions, may we find community, and continue to spread coexistence wherever it is needed.”

Ippodo Gallery sends a special thank you to the UN Department of Public Information (DPI), together with DPI NGO Youth Representatives, and Brenda Vongova, Artistic Director of the UN Chamber Music Society. Together, we believe in the power of art to bridge divisions and bring people together.

Please click this invitation from H.E. Ambassador Koro Bessho, Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations and the Missions of Mexico, Kenya, Austria, Finland, Bangladesh, Philippines, Canada, Costa Rica, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Brazil and Indonesia to R.S.V.P. and follow the instructions by Ms. Agnes Mallari.

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