The fifth-anniversary edition of Collective Design closed last week!

The fifth-anniversary edition of Collective Design closed last week!
We Ippodo Gallery were able to reach a diverse cross section of new clients and in general we found the reception to our artists very enthusiastic!

Link to the official press release of Collective Design :

Ippodo Gallery to Participate in COLLECTIVE DESIGN this May!


Ippodo Gallery is proud to announce that it will participate in the Collective Design from May 3-7, 2017.

Ippodo Gallery selects only those artists that represent a balanced synthesis of craft and creativity.
The gallery distinguishes itself with a unique sense of the natural world, and all works selected function as a testament to the gallery’s pursuit of reverence and beauty in nature.


Skylight Clarkson Sq
550 Washington St
New York City

Booth C3


Collector’s Preview ( Invitation Only )
Tuesday, May 2, 3 – 6 pm

General Admission:

Wednesday, May 3, 11 am – 8 pm

Thursday, May 4, 11 am – 8 pm

Friday, May 5, 11 am – 9 pm

Saturday, May 6, 11 am – 8 pm

Sunday, May 7, 11 am – 5 pm


Exhibiting Artists:

Yuki Hayama
Yukiya Izumita
Ken Matsubara
Mitsukuni Misaki
Katsuya Ohgita
Momoyo Omuro
Mokichi Otsuka
Shota Suzuki
Midori Tsukada
Ikuro Yagi
Shinya Yamamura


Please visit the Collective Design webpage for more information.

Surface Folds : Yukiya Izumita Clay Wares is coming soon!

14_PR04537(ShokoRt)_片 'Hen' Flake

Surface Folds : Yukiya Izumita Clay Wares

Ippodo Gallery is pleased to present Surface Folds¸ a show of Yukiya Izumita’s clay wares in New York. Coinciding with Asia Week New York from March 9th to April 7th, 30 works will showcase Izumita’s deep understanding of clay and artistry, honed over a lifetime of training and passion. In his exploration of technique through paper and clay, mastery gives way to dual fragility and strength — finding balance.

Marrying the techniques of origami and sculpture, Izumita layers paper on clay and lets it dry. One key ingredient to his unique clay is Chamotte, a pre-calcined, refractory clay fired and ground before being used inside the brick’s recipe. After many experiments with mixed ash, soils, and shimmering manganese mineral, he has mastered the production of a pale metallic texture in the final coating.

In a word, Izumita strives for lightness. His passion is to release from the heavy weight of stress in life, and striving for this weightless serenity is the solution. As a poet and an observer of the natural world, the artist is driven by his desire to metaphorically unburden — to lighten the load.

In his sense of discovery as he incorporates many materials, he uses local earth as the base of his work. The salty soil intrinsic to the works comes from the seaside, and Izumita carries four pounds bags back and forth to be used in his art. The heaviness of the earth gives way to lightness of the craftsmanship.
The salt-rich sands are in a subdued palette of red, yellow, and black, colors coming from nature. Izumita is influenced by the gestural style of Alberto Giacometti and Marino Marini, so the sharp shapes of his work maintain organic colors and natural lines. A recurring theme throughout the showcase is juxtaposition, challenging the balance of contradictory sensations in aesthetics and ideology.

Once the soil has been harnessed, Izumita begins the process of papering the pieces. He folds papers over and over, feeling the rhythm of the folding in his hands. As the tactile process takes shape, he envisions the natural landscape of the earth, and his spirit transcends the motion. This is the source of his artistic inspiration. Then he gets to his work, manifesting the evanescence in form.

Izumita trained in Kokuji-ware under Gakuho Shimodake in 1992, opening his own workshop in Noda Village, Iwate Prefecture, on the border with the northern ceramic production area of Aomori Prefecture in 1995. Northeast Japan (Tohoku) is very severe, and Izumita drew strength from the coastal winds and the endurance found in seaside culture.

Izumita has had a lengthy career, with extensive acclaim in Japan. His international acclaim began when he participated in SOFA New York in 2005, then exhibited in New Mexico and at Ippodo in 2012. In Japan, Izumita has been the recipient of numerous accolades, such as the Excellence Award at the 20th Biennial Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition in 2009, as well as the Grand Prix at the Asahi Ceramic Exhibitions of 2000 and 2002.

In 2011, his childhood hometown, Rikuzentakata, was swallowed away by Great Tsunami in 2011. Ippodo Gallery continues to showcase his work as a testament to its mission in pursuit of the beauty of nature, with a sense of global consciousness for the fragility of the environment and the strength of quiet serenity.

For more information and to view an online catalogue, please visit our Exhibition page, or see our official press release.

View our Special Video of the Exhibition of Ceramic Works by Yuki Hayama -Beauty of Life – In collaboration with Joseph Carini Carpets !

Please click to watch the video.

Please click to watch the video.

Ippodo Gallery invites you to view the special exhibition video above, featuring ceramic works by Yuki Hayama from Beauty of Life, which ran from 9/9 -9/29 at Joseph Carini Carpets.

This exceptional footage recounts Hayama’s background and purpose as an artist, with an exclusive interview set amidst scenes from the beautiful installation at Carini’s space in Tribeca.
We hope this video recalls your visit to the show, or exposes you to this magnificent work for the first time.

The show received rave reviews, and we were pleased to welcome Japanese First Lady Akie Abe to the gallery on September 19th.
She was profoundly fascinated by Hayama’s work and was very moved by her visit. This exhibition recalled the Silk Road’s legacy here in 21st century New York!

The ripple of the “Beauty of Life” is expanding to Japan and the world.
We continue to showcase artists spreading peace through interpretations of the natural world, both aesthetically and intellectually serene.
The discipline spent to create these masterworks is driven by rectitude and prayer, resulting in long-lasting works of beauty.

December 20, 2016

Ippodo Gallery New York

Holiday Gift Selection of Works by Ippodo Gallery Artists


Holiday Gift Selection of Works by Ippodo Gallery Artists – Precious Japanese art piece for you and your loved one(s)

November 14, 2016 – December 23, 2016

Monday – Saturday 11AM – 6PM
Ippodo New York ( 12 E. 86th St., # 507, New York, NY 10028 )


During the Holiday Season at Ippodo Gallery, we will be holding a viewing of select pieces chosen from among various genres!
Will you take this opportunity to check out the artists in our roster and the works that they’ve created?
You might just find that favorite new piece of art.

During the course of this Holiday Season viewing (11/14 – 12/23), those who visit the gallery will be presented with a special gift from Japan. With gratitude for this past year, we look forward to seeing you!


Special Viewing

11/14 ~ 23 : Glass and Metal

11/28 ~ 12/9 : Ceramics

12/12 ~ 23 : Lacquer and Wood