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Ippodo Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of four hand-made motorcycles by the prize-winning Japanese artist Chicara Nagata. Marking the first time these functional works of art have been exhibited outside Japan, the exhibition will be presented in two different New York City venues. Three motorcycles will be on view at the gallery's new Chelsea space, and one will occupy the gallery's booth (#458) at the 2nd annual Asian Contemporary Art Fair. Each Chicara motorcycle is comprised of almost 500 individual parts and took Chicara approximately 7,500 painstaking hours to create. Expertly pushing the boundaries of art, design, and technology, Chicara balances the raw energy of these machines with the grace and discipline of a classical sculptor.

Chicara Nagata became passionate about motorcycles after surviving a serious motorcycle accident at the age of 16, leading him to pursue graphic and industrial design. In 1993, Chicara began work on his first bike, completing it seven years later. He has since constructed 19 bikes entirely by hand, without the use of any existing parts except the motor. Chicara won the Grand Prize in the 2006 World Championship of Custom Bike Building and took second place in 2007. Chicara Liquid Chrome is the artist's first exhibition outside Japan.

About the Artist
Born in Saga Prefecture in 1962.
Involved in a motorcycle accident at the age of 16, Nagata recovered only after a long period of intensive treatment and many blood transfusions.
Wanting to express his gratitude to people throughout the world, he began to teach himself design at the age of 20.
In 1993, he began to produce motorcycles in parallel with his graphic design work.
In 2006, he won the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building and has since received numerous awards.
Nagata does not make design drawings or possess specialized machinery.
Working by hand, he meticulously fashions all of the some 700 different parts necessary (except tires and engine).
The resulting motorcycle, born of 7,500 hours of handcrafting, is not simply a means of transportation but an unparalleled work of art.
In 2008, he held a solo exhibition at Ippodo Gallery, New York, and showed work in New York's Asian Contemporary Art Fair. He has since participated in numerous exhibitions and events in Japan and abroad.
Since 2010, he has begun producing electric motorcycles.

1962 Born in the Saga Prefecture of Kyusyu Island in southern Japan.

1982 Began career in graphic design.

1992 Established CHICARA, Inc. graphic design agency.

1993 Began to customize Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

1998 Participated in the Harley custom show in Japan.
*Since, he has participated in motorcycle show all over Japan and won numerous prizes.

2005 Participated in Harley custom show in Belgium, Germany, and France, winning a total of six awards.

2006 Participated in AMD World Championship 2006 in U.S.A. Won First Place.

2007 Participated in AMD World Championship 2007 in U.S.A. Won Second Place.

2007 Participated in AMD Asian Championship in Malaysia. Won First Place.

2008 A solo exhibition at Ippodo Gallery, New York,
and showed work in New York's Asian Contemporary Art Fair