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Iga tea bowl
Kai Tsujimura
Item Number:C19087
About the Artist
KaiTsujimura is the second son of TSUJIMURA Shiro. He produces pots in a wide range of styles, including Iga, Karatsu, Bizen, Shino, Kohiki and Shigaraki, mastering traditional traditions in a way that is quite remarkable for somebody so young. Living in the mountains of Nara Prefecture, he devotes himself everyday to his creativity. His painstakingly made tea bowls and vases, small pots and containers all epitomize the concept of 'functional beauty', exploring the subdued, simple refinement that defines Japanese aesthetics. He also produces large pots embodying the power of his youth and one of these was acquired in the permanent collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 2010.

1976 Born in Nara
1994 Began training under his father, a renowned potter, Shiro Tsujimura
2001 Built a kiln in Sakurai, Nara, and started working as an independent potter

Thereafter exhibits in numerous galleries and department stores within Japan and throughout the world.

Public Collection:
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts / Minneapolis, MN
and others.