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Shigaraki vessel with hand
Hideki Yanashita
[Ceramic + Porcelain ]
Item Number:C12692P

Winter Ceramic Collection, just arrived from Japan!

We hope you’ve had a happy and healthy start to the new year.
While we snuggle in our homes and wait for warmer times,

Ippodo Gallery invites you to brave the cold to view our new collection of ceramic works,
which have just arrived from Japan.

For those who are living in the sunny South,
we hope these pieces inspire classic wintery scenes in your imagination.
For those who are enduring this frigid weather, we believe these pieces offer a sense of warmth,
as ceramics are the fusion of clay, water and fire!

We look forward to seeing you in New York!

Ippodo Gallery
About the Artist
(b. 1967) As a result of his fascination with everything connected to the tea ceremony, from the architecture of the tea rooms to the ceramic utensils, Hideki Yanashita took up the study of pottery. In addition to his research into tea ceremony utensils, he also creates refined tea bowls in the style of Iga or Shigaraki ware.