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Yukiya Izumita
[Ceramic + Porcelain ]
Item Number:C18037
2018 Retrospective Show

The colored leaves are falling, the air is getting colder and colder - winter is now approaching in New York.
Hope you are enjoying this transition into the holiday season, wherever you may be.

2018 has almost come to an end.
To honor the support we've received from everyone this past year, we would like to host a special 2018 retrospective show.
All the highlighted artists from our gallery will be reintroduced to you.

-Shiro Tsujimura
-Kai Tsujimura
-Yui Tsujimura
-Misaki Mitsukuni
-Yukiya Izumita
-Midori Tsukada
-Yasushi Fujihira
-Noriyuki Furutani
-Keiji Ito
-Kyotesu Miwa XⅢ
-Kohei Nakamura
-Akio Nisato
-Nobuo Nishida
-Chozaemon(Toshio) Ohi XI
-Tetsu Suzuki
-Ruri Takeuchi
-Sōyō and Shōdō Yamagishi
-Shota Suzuki

For all of you who were unable to make it to a past exhibition, or for those in search of something for yourself or a perfect gift for a loved one, please feel free to come and see us at the gallery.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

We look forward to seeing you.
About the Artist
With chamotte mixed into the clay and finished using copper glaze, these works are characterized by their texture which possesses an ancient warmth. In the 'Layer' series, he utilizes paper during the modeling process. They express the strength and fragility of clay. Since his hometown was destroyed during the 2011 tsunami, he has added unique curved lines and movement in his works.

1966 Born in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture
1992 Began to study Kokuji-ware under Gakuho
1992 Open his own kiln in Noda Village
1995 Opened his own workshop in Noda Village.
Won the Excellence Award at Noodle Bowl Award Exhibition sponsored by Nisshin
Foods Co.
1998 Began to fire works in a wood-fired cellar kiln
2000 Won the Grand Prix at the 38th Asahi Ceramic Exhibition
2001 Selected for the 39th Asahi Ceramic Exhibition
Selected for the World Crafts Competition, Kanazawa
2002 Won the Grand Prix at the 40th Asahi Ceramic Exhibition
Selected for the International Ceramics Festival, Mino
2003 Selected for the 41st Asahi Ceramic Exhibition
Selected for the 17th Biennial Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition
2004 Invited to participate in the Asahi Contemporary Crafts Exhibition
2005 Participated in SOFA New York
Selected for the International Ceramics Festival, Mino
Selected for the 18th Biennial Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition
2007 Opened 'Gallery IZUMITA'
Selected for the 19th Biennial Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition
2009 Won the Excellence Award at the 20th Biennial Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition
2011 Participated in the 1st Contemporary Kogei Art Fair 2011
Won Iwate Prefectural Award at Iwate Prefecture Art Recommendation Exhibition
2012 Exhibition at Ippodo Gallery New York
Participated in SOFA Chicago ( Ippodo Gallery )
2013 Invited to the International Ceramic Art Festival in Sasama, Shizuoka as a
guest artist
2014 Participated in COLLECT London
Housed in Iwate Museum of Art
Participated in SOFA Chicago & COLLECT London ( Ippodo Gallery )
2016 Participated in Art Fair Tokyo
2017 Exhibition at Ippodo Gallery New York "Surface Folds : Yukiya Izumita Clay Wares"

Public Collections:
Yale University Art Gallery / New Haven, CT
Philadelphia Museum of Art / Philadelphia, PA
Los Angeles County Museum of Art / Los Angeles, CA

From the age of twenty-six, studied the local kokuji-ware style of pottery under the kokuji-ware master Gakuho Shimodake. Kokuji-ware is produced in Kuji City, using local clay with tohakuyu (white glaze) and ameyu (caramel glaze) to produce works characterized by their simplicity. The majority of works are everyday items for use in the home and won acclaim from YANAGI Soetsu (1889-1961), who founded the mingei undo (folk crafts movement) in the 1920s.

Ever since has produced creative objets d'art as well as new forms of vase.

Surface Folds : Yukiya Izumita Clay Wares from Shoko Aono on Vimeo.