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Colored tea cups
Takuro Kuwata
[Ceramic + Porcelain ]
Item Number:C15059
In Japan, there is the expression ‘飛ぶ鳥を落とす勢い’ (translated literally as, “force to take down a flying bird”) which implies great vigor.

To celebrate the new year and in hopes that the coming year will be an energized one, Tokyo Ippodo Gallery is holding a group exhibition of works by artists who have been selected based on their standing as some of the most vigorous artists in Japan.
The exhibition title, ‘Great Vigor’, expresses our sentiments not only for the creative side of the art world, but also for those audiences and patrons on the other side of the creative process – in other words, we hope for a robust appreciation of the arts. We hope you will not miss this great opportunity to see our artists’ works.

Main image:
Hanako Miwa
" Lotus of Love "
H15.6 W31 D29cm
About the Artist
The foundation of Takuro Kuwata’s work is rooted in tradition. Using the Japanese Kairagi technique Kuwata transforms the ancient medium by adding stones to his clay mix. As the stones puncture and burst through the clay when fired, the result is a shrunken, crackled glaze which surrounds the pots or oblong forms. Often Kuwata adds powdered gold to the glaze which causes spikes of the metallic substrate to pierce through the surface.

1981 Born in Japan, Hiroshima

2001 Graduated from Kyoto Saga Art College, Ceramic art course

2002 Apprentice to the ceramist Zaima Susumu

2007 Graduated from Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center


2009 Tableware Festival, Tableware competition, Grand Prix,
Minister of Economy Trade and Industry

2008 Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition, Encouragement Prize
The 8th International Ceramics Competition MINO, MINO Award

2007 Oribe Design, Craft Competition, Silver Prize

2006 The 6th International Mashiko Ceramics Competition, Grand Prix,
Hamada Shouji Award