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Mieko Yuki
[Ceramic + Porcelain ]

New works of ceramic figures ' KARASU '

"I have feared crows since childhood and yet been captivated by their strange beauty.
With the passing of years, I find myself increasingly attracted by the sharpness of their jet-black forms and the indomitable, determination they display in their lives.
Bravo to the much-despised crow!"

- Mieko Yuki

Yuki Mieko

Born in Tokyo in 1943, actress, potter.
With a diplomat father and artist mother, she spent her childhood in the U.K., Turkey, Ceylon, Sweden, etc.
A member of Britain's Royal Ballet, she left to join the Haiyuza Yoseijo (Actors Theater Training Academy),
then moved on to the 'Kumo' theatrical company.
In addition to a varied acting career on television, movies and stage, in 1984 she took up pottery.
Her ceramic works are to be found in the Chicago Park Hyatt Hotel (U.S.A.),
Shinjuku Park Hyatt Hotel (Tokyo), 'Children Art House' at Sekigahara Menard Land,
Hotel Mori no Kaze Oshuku in Kenji World and restaurants and salons throughout Japan.
About the Artist
Mieko YUKI was born in Tokyo to a diplomat father and artist mother. She grew up in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Sri Lanka, and Sweden, before returing to Japanas a young adult. While working as a stage actress, she began creating ceramic figures of friends and animals and a popular demand for these objects soon followed. Photographs of her work have appeared in several volumes in Japanese art and she has exhibited throughout Asia.