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Tea bowl, Ido style
Kohei Nakamura
[Ceramic + Porcelain ]
Item Number:C12708
Monday – Saturday 11AM – 6PM
Ippodo New York ( 12 E. 86th St., # 507, New York, NY 10028 )

During the Holiday Season at Ippodo Gallery, we will be holding a viewing of select pieces chosen from among various genres!
Will you take this opportunity to check out the artists in our roster and the works that they’ve created?
You might just find that favorite new piece of art.

During the course of this Holiday Season viewing (11/14 – 12/23), those who visit the gallery will be presented with a special gift from Japan. With gratitude for this past year, we look forward to seeing you!

Special Viewing

11/14 ~ 23 : Glass and Metal

11/28 ~ 12/9 : Ceramics

12/12 ~ 23 : Lacquer and Wood
About the Artist
Born the third son of the famous Kanazawa potter, Baizan Nakamura, he initially displayed his exceptional talent through the creation of contemporary ceramics. He caused a sensation in 1983 with an exhibition at New York's Garth Clark Gallery, but following his return to Japan, he began to concentrate on producing traditional tea bowls.

1948 Born in Kanazawa as the third son of Baizan Nakamura.
1973 Graduated from the sculpture department of Tama University of Art.
1979 Award - National fellowship, Agency for Cultural Affairs.
1989 Award - Grand-Prix, Yagi-Kazuo Prize Exhibition.
1990 Japan Clay Work, sponsored by the Japan Foundation (travelling to
Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand)
Crafts Exhibition (Umeda Hankyu Department Store, Osaka; Yurakucho
Hankyu, Tokyo)
International Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition "Changing
Pottery"(Shiga prefectural Togei-no-mori Museum)
Japanese Clay Work "Now" 100 Selections Exhibition (Etoile
Museum, Paris, Mitsukoshi Department Stores, Japan)
1992 International Exhibition of Ceramic Art (National Historial
Museum, The Republic of China)
1993 Contemporary Clay Work <1950-1990> (Aichi Prefectural Museum of
1994 International Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition (Aichi Prefectural
Ceramic Museum)
1996 The Suntory Museum Grand Prize Exhibition'96 (Suntory Museum of
Art, Tokyo)
1999 Contemporary Ceramic Art (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Japanese Craft Work "Now" 100 Selections Exhibition (Etoile
Museum, Paris, Mitsukoshi Department Stores, Japan)
Japanese Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition - Movement of Avant-
Garde (Holland)
2004-2009 Numerous shows at galleries in Japan
2010 Solo exhibition at Ginza Ippodo Gallery
2012 Art Crafting Towards the Future (21st Century Museum of
Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)
Solo exhibition at Nomura Art Museum, Kyoto
2013 Contemporary Master Tea Bowl Exhibition (Musee Tomo, Tokyo)

Public Collections

National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.
National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto.
Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art.
Shiga Prefectural Museum of Modern Art.
Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art.
Japan Foundation.
Shiga prefectural Togei-no-mori Museum.
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.
Nomura Art Museum, Kyoto.
"Japan House" Museum of Modern Art, Argentina.
Everson Museum of Art, New York.
Mint Museum, North Carolina.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.