April 03, 2020 - April 11, 2020
The Happy Universe of Shin Fujihira

Kyoto based ceramic artist, Fujihira Shin passed away in 2012. Kanjiro Kawai gave the name, “Shin” to him with the wish that “the wisteria flower can grow greatly”.
His spirit is “Don't be afraid of everything” since he had experiences in the war and pulmonary tuberculosis.
His works are filled with happiness and have a sublime cosmic view, which beyond an idea and religion.
In the midst of chaos in the world nowadays, this exhibition will make you feel calm.

1922 Born in Higashiyama Gozyozaka, Kyoto
1957 Awarded Japan Fine Arts Exhibition (Nitten) Grand Prize, Hokuto Prize
1960 Exhibitied at the International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art in Faenza
1962 Awarded Chrysanthemum Prize at the Nitten
1973 Awarded Japan Ceramic Society Award. Professor at the Kyoto City University of Arts
1982 Traveling Exhibit/ America and Canada
1984 Created a ceramic mural for Kyoto University
1985 Received the Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Lifetime Achievement Award
1988 Resigns from the Kyoto City University of Arts and became a professor emeritus
1990 Awarded the Kyoto Art and Culture Award
1991 Received the Kyoto City Cultural Order Award
1993 Awarded the Mainichi Art Award
1996 Received the award for cultural distinguished service by Kyoto prefecture
1998 Awarded the first prize of the Japan Crafts Society
2004 Solo exhibition“Poetry Pottery Sculpture Shin Fujihira” at the Paramita Museum, Mie Prefecture
Solo exhibition “Shin Fujihira’s Art Poems of memory” at the Musee Tomo
2007 Solo exhibition at the Ginza Ippodo Gallery
2011 Solo exhibition at the Ginza Ippodo Gallery
2012 Passed away on February 27th