March 20, 2020 - March 28, 2020

KOKIN, with painter Toshimitsu Imai as his master, produces paintings that express a Japanese view of nature. His paintings are sometimes studded with letters in a simple composition. Like a modern Rinpa. He is a renowned artist in not only Japan but also internationally. He has been designing fonts for Kanji, English alphabet and Korean characters for more than 20 years and his logo designs were used in corporate advertising seen everywhere. His two-dimensional works decorate the walls of famous hotels and restaurants. This exhibition introduces KOKIN's tranquil world.


1963:Born in Shimane Prefecture, Type designer. Since he was child he was interested in a letter and painting.

1992:He started his carrier as a type designer.

1994:He met Toshimitsu Iwai and started paintings. The first solo show was in Paris. After this show he participated in a solo and group exhibitions iall over the world.

2014:He painted mural at the Joël Robuchon Restaurant 1st Floor, Yebisu Garden Place in Tokyo. He has been designing Kokin’s fonts for 20 years and produced logo designs for famous companies and product names.