Jihei Murase III at Stuart Lochhead Sculpture, London

Stuart Lochhead Sculpture
December 9-11, 10am-6pm
35 Bury Street, St. James's London

Sophie Richard, Stuart Lochhead, along with Ippodo Gallery director Shoko Aono, are delighted to invite you to a 3 day exhibition of lacquerware by artist Jihei Murase.

The lacquered tea ceremony utensils created by Jihei Murase III do not merely conform to traditional styles but also possess a contemporary feel of their own. The beautiful forms that result from his complete mastery of the lathe and the warmth that derives from numerous coats of natural Urushi lacquer, applied to valuable wood, create works that go beyond sculpture or utensils to become unique, beloved items whose attraction increases the more they are handled and used.