H16 5/8 W17 3/4 D15 1/4 in
H42.2 W45 D38.8 cm

This exhibiting stand is made by layering Japanese lacquer over and over. By using different combinations of the small and large "Ko" pieces, it can be arranged to be a seat or a table. Using red and black lacquer. Modern furniture made with Japanese craftsmanship.
Item Number:C2668
Ko (small) black and red face
H 7 1/2 Φ 9 in
H18.5 Φ22.2cm
Item Number:C18586
Black and silver lacquer ridged box
H 6 Φ6 1/2 in
H15 Φ16.5cm
Item Number:C18589
Black and silver lacquer ridged round box
H 6 Φ7 1/2 in
H15 Φ18.2cm
Item Number:C18585
Black and silver lacquer flower shaped water jar
H 15 W 9 D 4 1/2 in
H38.2 W22 D11.5cm
Item Number:C18584
Vermillion and silver lacquer minimature shrine
H27 1/2 W35 3/8 D17 1/2 in
H69.9 W90.0 D44.3 cm

This exhibiting stand is made by layering Japanese lacquer over and over. By using different combinations of the small and large "Ko" pieces, it can be arranged to be a seat or a table. Using red and black lacquer. Modern furniture made with Japanese craftsmanship.
Item Number:C2667
Ko (large) black
H3 Φ3 1/4 in
H7.4 Φ8.1 cm
Item Number:C2615AP
Vermillion Lacquer Tea Vessel
H6 1/2 W7 3/4 D 7 3/4 in
H16.4 W19.6 D19.6 cm
Item Number:C7944
Octagonal Vermillion Lacquer Vessel with Lid
H2 1/2 Φ2 1/2 in
H6.1 Φ6.3 cm
Item Number:C18375
Lacquer lid rest
H2 1/2 Φ2 3/4 in
H6 Φ6.5 cm
Item Number:C18376
Lacquer lid rest
H2 1/2 Φ2 3/4 in
H6.1 Φ6.4 cm
Item Number:C18377
Vermillion and silver lacquer lid rest
H2 1/2 W16 3/4 D6 1/4 in
H6 W42 D15.5 cm
Item Number:C18378
Chestnut lacquer crest shaped plate with legs
H1 1/4 W12 D9 1/2 in
H3 W30.2 D24 cm
Item Number:C18379
Black and silver lacquer ridged tray with legs
H5 7/8 W5 1/2 D5 1/2 in
H15 W14 D14 cm
Item Number:C8404
Black Lacquer Vessel with 16 Facets
H1 1/8 Φ8 7/8 in
H2.8 Φ22.4 cm
Item Number:C10264
Black Lacquer Round Tray with Silver Nuriwake Finish
H5 1/4 Φ13 5/8 in
H13.2 Φ34.6 cm
Item Number:C10267
Vermillion Lacquer Twelve-sided Container
H2 3/8 W7 5/8 D7 1/2 in
H6 W19.2 D19 cm
Item Number:C10281
Ridged Black Lacquer Vessel with Silver Nuriwake Finish
H1 W12 1/4 D12 3/8 in
H2.5 W31 D31.3 cm
Item Number:C10285
Black Lacquer Four-sided Tray with Silver Nuriwake Finish
H2 3/8 ϕ2 1/8 in
H6 ϕ5.3 cm
Item Number:C10295
Vermillion Lacquer Lid Rest
H1/2 W9 D8 in
H1.5 W25 D20 cm
Item Number:C10305
Vermillion Lacquer Ridged Plate
H2 Φ3 1/2 in
H5.2 Φ8.6 cm
Item Number:C2839
Vermillion Lacquer Tea Container
H3/4 W11 1/8 D8 3/8 in
H1.7 W28 D21.2 cm
Item Number:C10306
Black Lacquer Ridged Plate
H1 W13 1/4 D13 1/4 in
H2 W33.4 D33.2 cm
Item Number:C18337
Vermillion lacquer square tray
H1 1/4 W12 1/2 D12 1/4 in
H2.7 W31.2 D30.8 cm
Item Number:C18338
Black and silver lacquer "Sumimaru" square tray
H1 W12 D11 3/4 in
H2.5 W30 D29.8 cm
Item Number:C18339
Lacqured "Sumimaru" square tray
Large:H1 1/4 W13 1/2 D13 1/2 in
H2.8 W34.2 D34 cm
Medium:1 1/4 W12 D12 3/4 in
H2.8 W30 D31.9 cm

Small:H1 1/4 W12 D12 in
H2.8 W30 D30.2 cm
Item Number:C18340
Vermillion lacquer square tray with silver edge
H1 1/4 W16 D13 3/4 in
H3 W40.5 D34.3 cm
Item Number:C18341
Buckeye lacquer tray with silver edge
H2 W24 1/4 D17 1/2 in
H4.7 W61 D44.2 cm
Item Number:C18342
Buckeye and silver lacquer "Sumimaru" tray
H2 1/2 W25 1/2 D17 1/2 in
H6 W64.5 D44 cm
Item Number:C18343
Chestnut lacquer with black"Sumimaru" tray
H1 1/4 W11 1/4 D8 1/4 in
H3 W28.4 D20.8 cm
Item Number:C18344
Buckeye lacquer with silver edge "Sumimaru" tray
H1 Φ14 3/4 in
H2.5 Φ36.9 cm
Item Number:C18345
Lacqured round tray
H1 Φ13 1/4 in
H2.5 Φ33.4 cm
Item Number:C18346
Lacqured round tray
H1 Φ12 in
H2.5 Φ30.4 cm
Item Number:C18347
Black and silver lacquer tray
H1 W12 D12 in
H2.5 W30 D30 cm
Item Number:C18348
Buckeye and black lacquer square tray
H1 1/2 Φ16 1/4 in
H3.5 Φ40.8 cm
Item Number:C18349
Chesnut lacquer round tray with vermillion edge
H4 3/4 W7 1/4 D6 in
H11.9 W18.2 D15.2 cm
Item Number:C18350
Vermillion lacquer lipped bowl
H5/8 W8 3/8 D8 3/8 in
H1.4 W21 D21 cm
Item Number:C10312
Vermillion Lacquer Four-sided Tray
H20 W12 1/4 D8 1/2 in
H50.5 W30.6 D21.5 cm
Item Number:C18359
Black and silver lacqure minimature shrine
H3 1/2 Φ9 3/4 in
H8.5 Φ24.2 cm
Item Number:C18360
Black and silver lacquer ridged round bowl
H1 3/4 W17 D7 1/2 in
H4.4 W43.1 D19 cm
Item Number:C18361
Black and silver lacquer base
H1/2 W15 3/4 D8 1/2 in
H1 W39.5 D21 cm
Item Number:C18362
Zelkova lacqure bottom board
H1/2 W23 1/2 D13 in
H1 W59.5 D32.5 cm
Item Number:C18363
Zelkova lacqure bottom board
H3 3/4 W31 3/4 D5 1/4 in
H9.4 W80.5 D13 cm
Item Number:C18364
Vermillion lacquer two crest shaped plate with long legs
H2 W18 1/2 D11 1/2 in
H4.5 W46.6 D28.8 cm
Item Number:C18365
Black lacquer round sphere plate
H1 3/4 W17 1/2 D12 1/4 in
H4.4 W44.1 D30.9 cm
Item Number:C18366
Zelkova black lacquer "Sumimaru" plate
H5/8 W8 3/8 D8 3/8 in
H1.4 W21 D21 cm
Item Number:C10313
Vermillion Lacquer Four-sided Tray
H5 W7 1/2 D6 1/4 in
H12.3 W19 D15.3 cm
Item Number:C18351
Black lacquer sake pot
H4 1/4 W10 D4 1/4 in
H10.5 W24.9 D10.5 cm
Item Number:C18352
Black lacquer sake pot
H3 W7 1/2 D6 in
H7.4 W18.9 D15 cm
Item Number:C18353
Black lacquer sake pot
H7 Φ11 in
H17.6 Φ27.8 cm
Item Number:C18354
Zelkova lacquer chamfer box
H7 3/4 W10 D9 3/4 in
H19.2 W25 D24.5 cm
Item Number:C18355
Vermillion lacquer "Sumi" finished box
H2 1/2 W8 D6 in
H6 W19.8 D14.8 cm
Item Number:C18356
Black lacquer octagonal box
H2 1/2 W10 D4 3/4 in
H6.2 W25.2 D12 cm
Item Number:C18357
Black and silver lacqure ellipse box
H5 3/4 Φ6 in
H14.5 Φ15 cm
Item Number:C18358
Black and silver lacqure round nest of boxes
H2 W17 3/4 D9 3/4 in
H4.8 W45 D24.5 cm
Item Number:C18330
Zelkova laquer silver ridged tray with legs
H1 1/4 W17 3/4 D10 1/2 in
H3 W44.7 D26.2 cm
Item Number:C18331
Zelkova lacquer silver ridged tray with legs
H16 2/4 W12 D9 1/4 in
H41.5 W30 D23.2 cm
Item Number:C18332
Zelkova lacquer silver ridged tray with legs
H1 W27 1/4 D2 3/4 in
H2.5 W69 D6.5 cm
Item Number:C18333
Black and silver lacquer ridged long tray
H2 W14 1/4 D8 1/2 in
H5 W36 D21 cm
Item Number:C18334
Black and silver lacquer ridged tray with legs
H1 3/4 W11 1/2 D9 1/2 in
H4 W29 D24 cm
Item Number:C18335
Vermillion lacquer ridged ray with legs
H2 W13 D8 1/2 in
H4.5 W33 D21 cm
Item Number:C18336
Vermillion lacquer ridged tray with legs
H4 1/4 Φ6 1/4 in
H10.9 Φ15.8 cm
Item Number:C10268
Black Lacquer Flower-shaped Container
H2 3/4 W16 3/4 D16 3/4 in
H6.6 W42.4 D42.2 cm
Item Number:C18325
Chestnut lacquer roen
H2 W24 D11 in
H4.5 W60.4 D27.5 cm
Item Number:C18326
Chestnut lacquer vermillion ridged tray
H2 W10 3/4 D8 in
H4.5 W26.9 D20.3 cm
Item Number:C18327
Black and silver lacquer ridged tray with legs
H1 1/4 W14 D9 3/4 in
H2.8 W35 D24.3 cm
Item Number:C18328
Black and silver lacquer ridged tray
H2 W13 D10 in
H5 W32.8 D24.8 cm
Item Number:C18329
Zelkova laquer ridged tray with legs
H2 1/4 Φ2 1/4 in
H5.7 Φ5.7 cm
Item Number:C10296
Vermillion Lacquer Lid Rest
H5 1/4 Φ7 1/4 in
H13 Φ17.8 cm
Item Number:C18367
Vermillion lacquer ridged water jar
H3 1/4 Φ6 in
H7.9 Φ15 cm
Item Number:C18368
Vermillion and silver lacquer tea bowl
H3 1/2 Φ5 in
H8.7 Φ12.2 cm
Item Number:C18369
Vermillion lacquer tea bowl
H 3 1/2 Φ5 1/4 in
H8.8 Φ13.3 cm
Item Number:C18370
Black lacquer tea bowl
H3 1/2 Φ5 in
H8.5 Φ12.6 cm
Item Number:C18371
Black lacquer tea bowl
H2 Φ2 3/4 in
H4.7 Φ6.9 cm
Item Number:C18372
Vermillion lacquer lid rest
H2 1/2 Φ2 1/2 in
H6 Φ6.3 cm
Item Number:C18373
Coated silver lid rest
H2 1/2 Φ2 3/4 in
H6.1 Φ6.5 cm
Item Number:C18374
Coated silver lid rest
H1/2 Φ7 1/8 in
H1.2 Φ18 cm
Item Number:C10311
Transparent Lacquer Round Zelkova Tray
H 3 3/8 W4 3/8 D4 3/8 in
H8.5 W11 D11 cm
Item Number:C8415
Ridged Black Lacquer Box
H5 1/8 W5 1/4 D4 3/8 in
H13.1 W13.3 D11.2 cm
Item Number:C2556AP
H4 1/4 W10 1/2 D5 1/8 in
H10.8 W26.6 D13.3 cm
Item Number:C2821
Vermillion Lacquer Oval Container
H12 W12 in
H30 W30 cm

H12 3/4 W12 3/4 in
H32 W32 cm

H13 1/2 W13 1/2 in
H34 W34 cm
Item Number:C11686
Black lacquer square tray ( 3-piece set )
H3 1/2 W4 1 /2 in
H8.2 W11.4 cm
Item Number:C8415P
Rodged Black Lacquer Box
H2 1/2 W8 1/ 2 in
H6.1 W21.5 cm
Item Number:C12334
Black Lacquer Octagon Shaped Box
H3 1/4 W8 3/4 D4 1/4 in
H8 W22 D10.2 cm
Item Number:C12340
Vermillion Lacquer Elipsoidal Box
H4 1/2 W4 2/1 D4 3/4 in
H11 W11 D12 cm
Item Number:C12344
Vermillion Lacquer Box
H5 1/4 W11 3/4 D5 in
H13 W29.5 D12.3 cm
Item Number:C12488
Vermillion Lacquer Ellipsoidal Box
H5 2/4 W5 1/4 in
H13.5 W13cm
Item Number:C 12815
Vermillion lacquer ridged round box
H6 5/8 W7 7/8 in
H17.5 W20 cm
Item Number:C12814
Vermillion lacquer eight faceted box
H2 3/8 W5 5/8 in
H6 W14.3 cm
Item Number:C2886P
Black Lacquer with silver brush line
H2 1/8 W17 3/4 D9 7/8 in
H5.5 W45.2 D25 cm
Item Number:C12408
Black and silver lacquer long tray
H1 3/4 W17 3/4 D5 7/8 in
H4.2 W45 D14.8 cm
Item Number:C10303
Black and silver Nuriwake rectanglar tray
H5 2/4 W18 3/4 D10 1/4 in
H13.5 W47.5 D25.7 cm
Item Number:C13322
Vermillion lacquer square stand
H5 W6 1/4 in
H12.6 W15.4 cm
Item Number:C12801
Black lacquer round box
H3 3/4 Φ5 3/4 in
H9.5 Φ14.5 cm
Item Number:C14695
Black and silver Nuriwake lacquer bowl
H1 2/4 W17 D10 2/4 in
H3.3 W42.6 D26.5 cm
Item Number:C14705
Kaede ( Maple ) Nuriwake tray with legs
H7 1/4 W10 2/4 D8 3/4 in
H18 W26.3 D22.2 cm
Item Number:C12008P
Black lacquer round edged box
H6 W17 3/4 D13 in
H15 W45 D33 cm
Item Number:C15356
Vermilion lacquer round edged tea box
Top (C19616) Red Lacquer Flower Tray : H4 Φ59.5 cm / H1 2/4 Φ23 2/4
Bottom (C18905) Black Lacquer 16 Faced Tray : H4 Φ50.5 cm / H1 2/4 Φ20
Item Number:C18905
Black Lacquer 16 Faced Tray / Red Lacquer Flower Tray
Item Number:C15904
Lacquer Bowl
Item Number:C5483
Petal Plate
Using chisels and planes he carves the basic forms for his work from valuable blocks of solid zelkova or chestnut wood, finishing them in thick coatings of Japanese urushi lacquer. He creates forms that appear simple but are highly refined, the vermillion red lacquer evoking images of the Jomon period (ca 11000 BC - ca 300 BC). These unique works can be said to embody the essence of the Japanese 'mingei' folk craft movement.

1944 Born in the Umegaoka district of Tokyo as the eldest son of Nihonga-style painter and dyer, Shu-ki Matsuzaki
1967 Graduated from the Literature Department of Tamagawa University
1974 Studied under the potter, Tatsuzo Shimaoka
1982 First selected for the Kokugakai exhibition
1983 Received the Kokugakai New Talent Award
1984 Became an affiliate member of the Kokugakai
1987 Received the Kokugakai Affiliate Award for Excellence
1988 Nominated for membership of the Kokugakai
Moved his studio to Motegi-machi, Tochigi Prefecture
2001 Produced the vases for Daniel Ost's Daniel Ost Flower Festival in Tokyo
2002 Contributed to Shigeru Uchida's Exhibit at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2002 in Milan, Italy
2003 Participated in the Turning Point: Oribe and the Arts of Sixteenth Century Japan exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
2006-2009 Become a Chairman of the Judging Committee of Craft Section of the Kokugakai
2009&2012 Solo exhibition at Ippodo Gallery New York
1996-Present Exhibition at Ippodo Gallery Tokyo

In addition, holds various solo and group exhibitions throughout the country.

Public Collection:
Philadelphia Museum of Art / Philadelphia, PA
Detroit Institute of Arts / Detroit, MI
University of Michigan Museum of Art / Ann Arbor, MI
Schleswig Folk Museum / Schleswig, Germany
Kuri no Ki Museum / Nagano, Japan