H9 2/4 Φ5 in
H23.5 Φ12.5cm
Item Number:C17291
Bronze water jar with rust decoration
H6 W5 D5 in
H15 W12.5 D12.5 cm
Item Number:C13641
Four Faces
Item Number:C19974
Eight Faces
Item Number:C19556
Copper Furo
H9 1/2 W8 1/4 D8 1/2 in
H24 W20.5 D21 cm

2013, cast bronze, patinated
Item Number:C12522
Octagon Shaped Box
Employs bronze working techniques that were developed in ancient Mesopotamia, to create conceptual vessels for the 21st century. The artist refers to bronze as being 'a material with memories of a thousand years'. Paying no mind to the oppressive heat of Japan's summer this year, he worked with molten copper and lead to create over 15 pieces. The patterns that appear in the surface of his works are the result of various chemical reactions; some having the appearance of blazing flames while others possess a mysterious coloring that enchant the viewer into wondering if perhaps the surface has weathered through hundreds of years of rich history.

" Bronze, a material with memories of a thousand years ".

I create contained vessels, conveying the sense that something is controlled or hidden within. I try to provoke a dynamic sense of the spiritual world in my bronze boxes, while the exterior - the patterns and faces I create on the outside - are a direct response to the landscape, real or imagined.

Through utilizing gold or silver leaf within the interiors, I find that there is a powerful sense of enlightenment when opening the lid: A sense of being transported to an entirely different world or a different place.
This place has no darkness. My conscious and the light within, are veiled in bronze.
- Koji Hatakeyama

1956 Born in Toyama
1980 Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art with a major in Craft metal casting
2001 Awarded the Takashimaya Art Prize by the Takashimaya Foundation
2007 Awarded Grand Prize at the Sano-Renaissance Metal Art Casting Competition

Recent Major Group Exhibitions:
2000 "Seeing the Container - Living the Life," Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, Craft Hall/ Tokyo
2002 "Hands On," Philadelphia Museum of Art/ Philadelphia, PA, America
2001 "Twist in Japan," Nancy City Museum of Art, Nancy, France
"21 People from Europe and Asia," Kanazawa 21st Century Art Museum, Ishikawa
2006 "Collect," Victoria and Albert Museum of Art/London, England
"Japanese Crafts," Gallery Besson/ London, England
2007 "Collect," Victoria and Albert Museum of Art/London, England
"Japanese Suppleness," Geeto Setto/Fredrickweiak, Denmark
2008 "A Japanese Dialogue," Scottish Gallery, Edinburg, United Kingdom
2009 "Raising the Bar," Middlesbrough Contemporary Art Museum, Middlesbrough, England

Public Collections:
Philadelphia Museum of Art / Philadelphia, PA
Victoria and Albert Museum of Art / London, UK
Birmingham Museum of Art / Birmingham, UK
Scottish National Gallery / Edinburgh, UK
Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum / Aberdeen, UK
Ashmolean Museum / Oxford, UK
Danish Royal Family / Copenhagen, Denmark
Museum Angewandte Kunst / Frankfurt, Germany
Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art / Buenos Aires, Argentina
National Gallery of Victoria / Melbourne, Australia
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo / Japan
Kanazawa 21st Century Art Museum, Kanazawa / Japan
The Japan Foundation / Tokyo, Japan
Takaoka City Museum / Toyama, Japan
Musee Tomo / Tokyo, Japan
Rakusuitei Museum / Toyama, Japan
MOA Museum / Shizuoka, Japan