H13 1/4 Φ12 5/8 in
H33.5 Φ32 cm
Item Number:C7380
Yakishime Jar
H2 3/8 Φ3 in
H6 Φ7.5 cm
Item Number:C7386
Bizen Sake cup
H3 Φ3 in
H7 Φ7 cm
Item Number:C7389
Sake Cup
H9 5/8 Φ4 in
H24.4 Φ10.6 cm
Item Number:C8179
H2 1/5 Φ2 7/8 in
H6.5 Φ6.2 cm
Item Number:C9760
Sake Cup
Item Number:C18621
Oribe Jar
H8 3/ 4 Φ4 3/4 in
H21.6 Φ12 cm
Item Number:C12506
Flower Vase
H10 3/4 Φ4 3/4 in
H27.2 Φ11.5 cm
Item Number:C12508
Flower Vase
H9 2/4 Φ9 1/4 in
H23.6 Φ23 cm
Item Number:C15541AP
Oribe style vase
H4 Φ3 3/4 in
H9.7 Φ9.5 cm
Item Number:C14195
Tea bowl
He lost two fingers at the first joint while working at a tile factory in his teens and says, 'Being faced with this handicap is what provided me with my underlying strength today,' as he continues to produce pots in huge numbers, 'like pollen'. He does not think in terms of 'contemporary' or 'traditional' pottery; among his works are the 'mask' or 'Return to the Soil' series, which are not fired, while he has also produced works calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons, expressing world peace and presenting a message to mankind. The primitive, primordial 'Koie style' is quite unique and has won him fans throughout the world.

1938 Born in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture
1957 Received diploma from Tokoname Prefectural High School Industrial Ceramics Department and went to work at a tile manufacturing company.
1962 Became a researcher at the Tokoname Municipal Ceramics Research Institute
1966 Became independent
1972 The 30th Faenza International Exhibition of Ceramic Art (Italy)
1979 "Today's Japanese Ceramics" (Denver Museum of Art, USA)
1982 "Contemporary Japanese Ceramics" (Faenza & Rome, Italy)
1983 "Japanese Ceramics Today" (Smithsonian Museum, USA; Victoria & Albert Museum, England)
1986 "Avant-garde in Japan 1910-1970" (Centre National de Georges Pompidou, France)
"Japanese Contemporary Ceramics"(Travel exhibition in USA, Poland, Greek,
Romania, Soviet, and other Eastern European countries)
1989 "Europalia '89 Japan: Ceramics of Showa“ Tradition and Avant-Garde (Mons
Museum of Art, Belgium)
1992 Became Professor at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Art
1995 "Japanese Studio Craft" (Victoria & Albert Museum, England)
1997 "Seoul Ceramic Art Biennale 1997" (Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Korea)
2003 "Oribe:2003 in New York" (Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA)

Many solo and group shows at galleries and museums in Japan as well as worldwide

3rd Prize, Contemporary Japanese Ceramics Exhibition (1962)
Point and Line accepted, Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition (1963-69)
Japanese Contemporary Craft Art Exhibition (1963-64)
Grand Prix, 3rd Biannual International Ceramics Exhibition, Vallauris, France (1971)
The 3rd Oribe Award (2001)
The Chunichi Cultural Award (2005)
Gold Prize, The Japan Ceramic Society Award (2008)

Public Collections:
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK
Idemitsu Museum, Tokyo
The Museum of Fine Art, Gifu
National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Tokoname Municipal Hall, Aichi
The Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art, Yamaguchi
Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
Kyungsung University Museum, Busan, Korea
Museo de Art Moderno, Buenos Aires, Argentina
National Gallery of Victoria, Australia