H4 W5 D4 1/4 in
H10 W12.2 D10.3 cm

Item Number:C18393
Tea bowl, Hikidashi (pulled from hot kiln) type
H4 Φ4 in
H9.8 Φ10 cm
Item Number:C18143
Teabowl, Raku style
H3 3/4 W6 1/4 D6 in
H9 W15.4 D14.8 cm
Item Number:C18145
Teabowl, Ido Style
Item Number:C18870
Shigaraki Jar
Item Number:C18871
Shigaraki Jar
H2 1/4 Φ2 in
H5.4 Φ4.5 cm
Item Number:C1369
Karatsu Sake Cup (Cylindrical)
H2 1/4 Φ3 1/4 in
H5.1 Φ8 cm
Item Number:C1385
Karatsu Sake Cup
H1 1/2 Φ3 in
H3.8 Φ7.2 cm
Item Number:C8757
Shino Sake Cup
H1 3/4 Φ3 in
H4.1 Φ7 cm
Item Number:C8758
Shino Sake Cup
H3 3/4 W5 D4 1/2 in
H9.5 W12.5 D11.2 cm
Item Number:C8585
Shino tea bowl
H3 3/4 Φ4 in
H9.3 Φ10 cm
Item Number:C9295
Black cylinder shaped tea bowl
H4 Φ6 in
H9.7 Φ15.2 cm
Item Number:C12290
Ido tea bowl
H4 Φ4 3/4 in
H10 Φ12 cm
Item Number:C10401
Red Shino tea bowl
H1 1/2 Φ2 3/4 in
H3.5 Φ6.6 cm
Item Number:C1353P
Shino Sake Cup
Item Number:C19678
Devon Kuro Chawan
H3 1/4 Φ6 in
H8 Φ15 cm
Item Number:C10402
Kofuki tea bowl
H4 Φ4 1/4 in
H9.8 Φ10.3 cm
Item Number:C8729
Tea bowl, Hikidashiguro style with Kintsugi
H2 3/4 Φ5 in
H6.5 Φ12.3 cm
Item Number:C10407
Small tea bowl, Kofuki style
H3 1/4 Φ6 2/4 in
H8 Φ16.4 cm
Item Number:C15240
Black tea bowl, Oribe style
Item Number:C17600
Black Oribe tea bowl
H3 1/4 Φ5 1/4 in
H8 Φ12.9 cm
Item Number:C17599
Hikidashiguro black tea bowl
H3 3/4 Φ4 1/2 in
H9.1 Φ10.4 cm
Item Number:C17601
Black tea bowl
H3 1/2 Φ5 1/4 in
H8.5 Φ13 cm
Item Number:C17602
Red tea bowl
H3 1/2 Φ5 3/4 in
H8.8 Φ14.6 cm
Item Number:C17604
Katamigawari tea bowl
H3 1/2 W6 1/2 D5 3/4 in
H8.8 W16 D14 cm
Item Number:C17605
Ido tea bowl
H2 1/4 W2 3/4 D1 3/4 in
H5.3 W6.7 D4.2 cm
Item Number:C17607
Lid rest
H2 1/2 W3 D2 1/4 in
H5.8 W7.1 D5.5 cm
Item Number:C17609
Lid rest
H3 1/2 Φ3 1/4 in
H8.3 Φ8 cm
Item Number:C17617
Kohiki round small pot
H1 3/4 Φ3 3/4 in
H4 Φ9.1cm
Item Number:C10907
Brush Mark Sake Cup
H2 1/4 W3 D2 1/2 in
H5.1 W7 D6.1cm
Item Number:C10908
Karats Sake Cup
H1 3/4 Φ3 1/4 in
H4.4 Φ8cm
Item Number:C10916
Kohiki Sake Cup
H1 1/2 W3 1/4 D3 1/4 in
H3.2 W8.2 D7.7cm
Item Number:C17132
Ido Sake Cup
H1 1/2 Φ3 in
H3.8 Φ7.2 cm
Item Number:C17131
Ido Sake Cup
H1 3/4 W2 1/2 D2 1/4 in
H4 W6.2 D5.3cm
Item Number:C17120
Karatsu Sake Cup
H1 3/4 Φ3 3/4 in
H4 Φ9.1cm
Item Number:C15259
Brush Mark Sake Cup
H2 Φ3 1/2 in
H4.5 Φ8.5cm
Item Number:C15258
Karatsu Sake Cup
H5 Φ3 in
H4.8 Φ7.5cm
Item Number:C15254
Ido Sake Cup
H2 Φ3 in
H4.7 Φ7.4cm
Item Number:C10923
Shigaraki Sake Cup
Item Number:C19731
Iga Round Pot
Item Number:C19733
Iga Pot
Item Number:C19750
Shino Tea Bowl
Item Number:C19734
Ido Tea Bowl
Item Number:C19732
Shigaraki Flower Vase
Item Number:C19740
Black Oribe Tea Bowl
Item Number:C19756
Olibe Tea Bowl made in Devon
Item Number:C19742
Hikidashi Kuro Chawan
Item Number:C19753
Shigaraki Tabi Chawan
H9.2×W11×D10.4 cm
Item Number:C19754
Shigaraki Teabowl
H5.2×W9.6×D4.7 cm
Item Number:C19757
Iga Insense Container
H3 ¾ W5 ½ D4 ¾ in
H9.2×W13.4×D12.6 cm
Item Number:C19746
Shino Teabowl
H 3 ¾ W4 ¾ D4 ¾ in
H 9.2 W12.6 D11.6 cm
Item Number:C19745
Shino Teabowl
H2 ¾ W6 ½ D6 ¼ in
H6.8×W16.4×D15.6 cm
Item Number:C19738
Summer Ido Teabowl
H3 ¾ W6 ¾ D 5 ¾ in
H9.2×W16.6×D15 cm
Item Number:C19736
Ido tea bowl
H3 1/2 x W 6 1/2 x D 5 3/4 in
H8.5 x W16 x D15cm
Item Number:C19734
Ido Teabowl
Cm H: 31 Φ: 33
Inch H: 12 1/4 Φ: 12 3/4
Item Number:C15930
Kohiki Sphere Vase
Cm H: 17.3 Φ: 16.6
Inch H: 6 3/4 Φ: 6 3/4
Item Number:C17622
Kohiki Altered Sphere Vase
Cm H: 7.9 Φ: 8 D:
Inch H: 3 1/4 Φ: 3 1/4
Item Number:C17625
Kohiki Small Sphere Vase
Cm H: 7.8 Φ: 7.7 D:
Inch H: 3 1/4 Φ: 3 1/4
Item Number:C17628
Kohiki Small Sphere Vase
Cm H: 20.5 Φ: 20 D:
Inch H: 8 1/4 Φ: 7 3/4
Item Number:C8612
Kofuki Sphere Vase
H3 3/4 W5 D4 1/2 in
Item Number:C19735
Ido Teabowl
H3 ¾ W6 ¾ D 5 ¾ in
Item Number:C8716
Hikidashi Kuro Tea Caddy with Ivory Rid
Shiro Tsujimura began his artistic career studying oil painting; however, he became disillusioned during this process and eventually abandoned the idea. Inspired by a classic Ido teabowl from the Folk Museum in Japan, Tsujimura embarked on the journey of ceramic arts. He is known widely known as a master of pottery as his ceramic works reflect a level of sophistication and return to nature in the various clay bodies and glazes he used. His dedication to the ceramic arts bleeds into his lifestyle. In 1967, Shiro and his wife moved to Mima, Nara, where he currently resides, and built a home, a teahouse, and seven kilns over the years.

1947 Born in Gose, Nara
1965 Left for Tokyo to learn the technique of oil painting but became disillusioned with the process and abandoned the idea. He attracted pottery intensively, inspired by a classic ido tea bowl in Japan Folk-craft Museum and decided to take up pottery.
1966-68 Resided at Sansho-ji Temple in Nara
1969 Returned to father's farm and began making pottery
1967 Built own house in Mima, Nara City and workshop, teahouse, and seven kilns over the following seven years
1993 Built a kiln in West Devon, U.K., and made potteries

Thereafter exhibits in numerous museums, galleries and department stores within Japan and throughout the world.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
1977 First exhibition at own house
1983 Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Main Store, Tokyo (thereafter biannually)
1990 Tachikichi Main Store, Kyoto
1993 Japan Art, Frankfurt, Germany (also in ’94)
1994 Gallery Besson, London
2003 Koichi Yanagi Oriental Fine Arts, New York (also in ’06 and ’12)
2006 Yu Gallery, Palace Hotel, Tokyo
2007 Ippodo Gallery Tokyo (also in ’11)
2008 Honshun-in Daitoku-ji Temple, Kyoto

Public Collections:
Ackland Art Museum at the University of North Carolina / Chapel Hill, NC
Art Institute of Chicago / Chicago, IL
The Brooklyn Museum of Art / Brooklyn, NY
Asian Art Museum / San Francisco, CA
The British Museum / London, United Kingdom
Chado Research Center Gallery / Kyoto, Japan
Cleveland Museum of Art / Cleveland, OH
Frankfurt Craft Museum / Germany
Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery at Smithsonian Institution / Washington D.C
The Metropolitan Museum of Art / New York, NY
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts / Minneapolis, MN
Museum of East Asian Art / Berlin, Germany
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston / Boston, MA
Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas / Lawrence, KS
Stockholm Museum of Art / Sweden
Philadelphia Museum of Art / Philadelphia, PA
Yale University Art Gallery / New Haven, CT
Miho Museum / Koka, Japan
ISE Cultural Foundation / New York, NY