This ingenious portable tearoom was designed by Kuniji Tsubaki to be assembled in just 15 minutes–the same amount of time it takes incense to burn.
"The culture of Zen has been highly appreciated by people all over the world," said Tsubaki, "By entering this tiny space and drinking a bowl of tea, you can clear your mind and find tranquility.” Borne of wisdom and skills from the past, it is tradition that provides the foundation for innovation. The tearoom space is synonymous with peace in Japanese aesthetics.
Despite the small size of this tearoom, it is packed with high-quality and inventive Japanese architecture with meticulous attention to detail.
The structure begins with a cabinet frame of joinery in Japanese cypress, coated with glass powder to prevent the wood from drying. The frame encloses a bamboo Sudare, and screen with Japanese Washi paper. The floor is Tatami mat.

This tea ceremony was brought to Central Park on November 1st, 2017, masterfully celebrated in the serenity of the vivid foliage. Elegant Japanese carpentry techniques were hand-done, impossible to replicate with machinery.

‘Peace is …Coexistence’ at the United Nations Featuring ZEN-An from Shoko Aono on Vimeo.

ZEN-An Tea Ceremony in Central Park from Shoko Aono on Vimeo.

Documentary video of ZEN-An :
3 mins

15 mins
Tea room 'ZEN-An'