H7 1/4 W8 3/4 D8 in
H18 W22.2 D19.8 cm
Item Number:C17644
Green glazed water jar
H4 1/4 W4 3/4 D4 1/2 in
H10.4 W12 D11 cm
Item Number:C17645
Green glazed tea bowl
Having studied pottery under his father, Osamu Suzuki, he produces traditional works that overflow with energy. Their greatest attraction lies in the startling, bright green glaze.

1964 Born in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture
1991 Selected for the 38th Japan Traditional Kôgei Exhibition (thereafter selected 23 times)
2005 Awarded the Grand Prix at the 1st Kikuchi Biennale
2012 Awarded the Encouragement Award at the 32nd Pola Traditional Culture Award
2015 Awarded the President of NHK Award at the 62nd Japan Traditional Kôgei Exhibition