H15 3/4 x W35 2/4 in
H39.5 x W90 cm
Item Number:A14571
人人人 (hito) Human
H15 3/4 x W34 2/4 in
H40 x W87 cm

H26 x W40 3/4 in
H66 x W103 cm
Item Number:A14573
人 (hito) Human
H15 3/4 x W34 2/4 in
H40 x W87 cm

H16 3/4 x W35 1/4 in
H42 x W89.5 cm
Item Number:A14577
絆絆絆 (kizuna) Human bonds
Item Number:A14568
国 (Kuni) Country
H15 x W15 2/4 in
H37.5 x W38.8 cm

H51 x W17 3/4 in
H129.5 x W44.6 cm
Item Number:A14664
情 (nasake) Sympathy
H7 1/4 x W15 3/4 in
H18 x W40 cm

H51 1/4 x W18 1/4 in
H129.8 x W46.3 cm
Item Number:A14664
人、そして生きる Human, and We Live
H23 1/4 x W14 in
H59 x W35.5 cm
Item Number:A14666
夢 (yume) Dream
H22 3/4 x W14 in
H57.3 x W35.5 cm

H23 1/4 x W14 3/4 in
H59 x W37 cm
Item Number:A14668
祈 (inori) Prayer
H14 2/4 x W14 1/4 in
H36.3 x W35.8 cm

H15 x W15 in
H38 x W37.5 cm
Item Number:A14675
笑 (warai) Laugh
H22 3/4 x W14 in
H57.4 x W35.4 cm

H8 2/4 x W15 3/4 x D1 2/4in
H21.4 x W40 x D3.5 cm
(Matsuzaki lacquer frame) ( Wood ) (C14718)
Item Number:A14677
祈 (inori) Prayer
H6 2/4 x W6 3/4 in
H16.4 x W16.6 cm

H11 2/4 x W11 2/4 x D1 3/4 in
H28.8 x W28.8 x D4.4 cm
(Matsuzaki Lacquer Frame) ( Wood ) (C14720)
Item Number:A14679
楽 (raku) Comfort
Saito, a highly regarded female calligrapher, brings to life Japanese calligraphy with exceptional grace and elegance. Saito conveys the beauty and joy of life through her energetically bold and gestural mastery of brush and sumi ink.

1988 Apprenticed to Shunkei Yahagi
1990 Won her first prize in the 42nd Mainichi Shodo Exhibition
1991 Won her first prize in the 39th Dokuritsu ‘Sho’ Exhibition
2002/2003 Received an excellent prize at the 50th and 51st Dokuritsu ‘Sho’ Exhibition
2005 Received a Parliament Building Vice-President Award at Vienna New Century
Court Art Festival held at the Imperial Palace in Innsbruck, Austria
Solo exhibition Assemblage of lines at Ginza Matsuzaki Gallery
2006 Received a gold prize at Today's Japanese Art Exhibition held at Monaco Festival
2010 Received an excellent prize at the 62nd Mainichi Shodo Exhibition
Group exhibition Core at Hayama Bunkaen
2014 Solo exhibition Thinking of ‘Kukai’ at Ippodo Gallery Tokyo
Group calligraphy exhibition Issui Kai at Ginza Kyukyodo Gallery
2015 Solo exhibition Art of Lines – Human, and We Live at Ippodo Gallery New York
Solo exhibition Thinking of ‘Zen' at Galerie Landrot Paris
Exhibited at SOFA Chicago
2017 Group exhibition The Essence of Imperfection : Wabi Sabi at Ippodo Gallery New York
2018 Contributed a scroll 'Coexistence' at the 7th "Peace is ... " event at the United
Nations in New York
   Performed at Musée Paul Valéry

Public collections:
Philadelphia Museum of Art / Philadelphia, USA
Detroit Institute of Arts / Detroit, MI, USA
Phaya Thai Palace Collection, 70th Anniversary of the reign of King Bhumibol Adulyadej / Thailand
Newsroom of Fuji Television / Tokyo, Japan (Appeared on a live TV show in 2016)
The Embassy of Algeria / Tokyo, Japan (March, 2017)

A fellow member of the Mainichi Shodo Association
A member of the Dokuritsu Shojindan Foundation
Instructor of calligraphy class at Hotel New Otani
Instructor at International House of Japan (Azabu, Tokyo) Calligraphy School