H8 1/4 Φ10 5/8 in
H21 Φ27 cm
Item Number:C11177
White celadon pot with engraved peony and Chinese vine pattern
H15 3/4 Φ10 in
H40 Φ35.5 cm
Item Number:C11181
White porcelain pot with lines
H11 3/4 Φ9 1/2 in
H30 Φ24 cm
Item Number:C11182
White porcelain melon shaped pot
H10 3/8 Φ10 5/8 in
H26.5 Φ27 cm
Item Number:C11183
White porcelain melon shaped pot
Specializing in Arita ware, Manji Inoue’s innovative style working with porcelain produces pieces that encompass the dichotomy of both fragility and strength.

The visually delicate yet physically strong pieces place an importance of form over content, allowing for a simplicity achieved through tedious effort. Inoue’s mastery of this form has led him to be designated as a Living National Treasure for Arita ware since 1995, recognized by the Japanese government for his great work and diligence in his craft.

Now a nonagenarian, Inoue continues to work with the same amount of passion, has had multiple international solo exhibitions and is currently passing on the Arita ware tradition to hundreds of students.

1929 Born in Arita City, Saga Prefecture
1944 Volunteered for the Japanese Navy, entered the Naval Aviation Preparatory School where he remained studying until the war's end
1945 Apprenticed to Sakaita Kakiemon
1952 Became a student of Okugawa Chuuemon
1958 Resigned from Sakaita Kakiemon Kiln and became a technical officer of the Saga Prefectural Arita Ceramics Laboratory
1968 Selected for the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1969 Turned a huge decorative pot for presentation to the Imperial Palace
1969-76 Visited the United States four times to offer guidance in making ceramics in the Fine Arts Department of Pennsylvania State University
1971 Selected for the Japan Ceramics Exhibition
1977 Received the Minister's Award at the National Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1977-2011 Solo exhibitions at Wako
1979 Named "Contemporary Master Craftsman" as an outstanding technician
1983-2011 Served as Judge in the Issuikai
1983-2005 Visited the United States 16 times to offer artistic guidance in the Fine Arts Department of New Mexico State University
1986 Awarded the Saga Prefectural Cultural Services Award
1987 At the Japan Arts and Crafts Exhibition, received the Culture Minister'sThe Minister of Education Award and had the same work acquired by the Culture MinistryAgency for Cultural Affairs
1993 Awarded the Distinguished Services Award by Saga Prefecture
1995 Solo exhibition to promote cultural exchange (Sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the German National Museum of Art)
Designated Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure) for his work with white porcelain
Named an Audit Commissioner of the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1997 Solo exhibition in Hungary to promote cultural exchange
Awarded the Japanese Government's Medal with Purple Ribbon
1999 Solo exhibition in Monaco to promote cultural exchange
2000 Solo exhibition in Portugal to promote cultural exchange
2002 Awarded the Nishinippon Shimbun's Nishinippon Cultural Medal
2002 Participated in the exhibition commemorating the 45 Anniversary of Prince Rainier's Accession to the Throne of Monaco
2003 Awarded Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon
Named an Audit Commissioner of the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
2007 Solo exhibition in Poland to promote cultural exchange

Holder of the Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure) designation
Councilor to the Japan Crafts Association.
Honorary Resident of Arita Town

Public collections :
Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut
Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota
and others.