H4 W5 3/4 in
H10.2 Φ14.6 cm
Item Number:C52P
Platinum Glaze Tea Bowl
H4 Φ5 in
H10.2 Φ12.7 cm
Item Number:C46P
White Foam Glaze Tea Bowl
H3 3/4 x Φ7 2/4 in
H9 x Φ18.5 cm

Material: Porcelain and mineral pigments
Item Number:C45P
Yellow Glaze Tea Bowl
Aoki learns from the structural beauty of Lucie Rie’s work, from the ultra thin-walled porcelains of Taizo Kuroda and from the creations of historical potters such as Koetsu in order to create contemporary ceramics –“Ima-yaki” ("Today's Ware”). Keiji Ito, a philosopher-like potter, has had a great influence on Aoki's thinking. Aoki emulates Ito’s efforts to create refined beauty from the awe of nature that constitutes the primitive creative impulse -- primitive man consigning to the flames an implement to be offered to the gods.

Aoki has brought pottery into the street cultures of Japan, and is one the most active potters in Japan. In recent years, his acclaim in the world has been steadily rising.

1978 Born in Toyama, Japan

2002 Graduate from Tajimi City Pottery Design And Technical Center, Gifu
Having a studio in Toki, Gifu

2004 Invited as a trainee to Ecole de arts decoratifts(Geneve)

2002 Tableware Festival
Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition 2003 Craft Competition in Takaoka - Silver Award

2004 Sidney Myer Fund International Ceramics Award(Australia)- Silver Award

2005 Craft Competition in Takaoka - Grand prix
International Triennial of Silicate Arts(Hungary)
Tableware Festival
Lifestylist of the Year 2005

2006 Tableware Festival - Grand prix

2007 4th World Ceramic Biennale 2007 Korea(Korea)- Silver Award

2008 Taiwan Ceramics BIennale 2008(Taiwan)