Ohi Yohen Teabowl

Ohi Yohen Teabowl

Ceramic + Porcelain
Chawan (tea bowl)
Item Number:C20026P
Ohi Chozaemon X
1927 Born as the eldest son of the 9th Ohi Chozaemon
1945 Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

Honorary Citizen of Ishikawa Prefecture and Kanazawa City
Honorary Doctor of Rochester Institute of Technology
Honorary Doctor of Taiwan Tainan National University of Fine Arts

2011 Received The order of Culture Merit by Japanese Emperor
2004 Received the Person of Cultural Merits from the Japanese Government

Member of Japan Art Academy
Chief Executive Director of Contemporary Arts and Crafts Association
President of Ishikawa Prefectural Ceramic Artists Council
Executive Director o Contemporary Arts and Crafts Association

"Ohi Yaki" originated in 1666 in a village in Ishikawa Prefecture and was developed for use in the tea ceremony.

Made of soft clay and fired at low temperatures, Ohi pieces are prized for their beautiful shapes and luster.

The Ohi method is to form the shape by hand, curving off excess bits with a spatula without using a wheel.

At the firing stage, the piece is glazed and put into the kiln. Then the temperature is increased sharply within

a short time, and the piece is taken out while the glaze is melting to cool down rapidly. This method requires

sudden temperature changes, so finding good clay soil is important. The first Chozaemon found the most

suitable soil in Ohi Village which is a suburb of Kanazawa. The name Ohi came from the name of the place.

Since then, this method has been handed down from generation to generation as Ohi Yaki. Most Ohi Yaki is

tea utensils among which tea bowls are most abundant. Its distinctive glaze contrasts beautifully with the powdered
green tea used in tea ceremony.

H3 1/4 W4 3/4 in H8.2 W12 cm
Item Number:C13356
Ohi tea bowl "Ameyu" glazed
Item Number:C20026P
Ohi Yohen Teabowl