Tearoom (Ji'An)

Tearoom (Ji'An)

Shigeru Uchida
Tea room
Item Number:F257P
W2400 x D2400 x H2000 mm
W7' 10" x D7' 10" x H6' 7"

Japanese cedar, spruce, agathis, bamboo

Bamboo woven in grid
Shigeru Uchida
Designer Shigeru Uchida’s resume consists of projects ranging from architectural designs to functional urban planning. His simple yet fluid shapes transcend temporalities by merging aesthetic tradition with a futurity of form and function. Uchida’s works seem to play with the concept of liminal space and create social spaces that simultaneously exist as non-spaces, existing in their own timeline.

He has designed interiors for figures like Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto, his unconventional shapes and organic forms attracting a wide audience and reverence.

He has multiple works in permanent collections of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts and others, and has published numerous books on design.

Biographical Notes

1943 Born in Yokohama, Japan

1966 Graduated from the Kuwasawa Design School in Tokyo

1970 Established Uchida Design Studio

1973 Lecturer, Kuwasawa Design School

1974-78 Lecturer, Tokyo University of Art & Design

1981 Established Studio 80 with Toru Nishioka;Received the Japan Interior Designer's Association Award

1986 Lecturer, Columbia University, Washington State University, Parsons School of Design

1987 Received the Mainichi Design Award

1989 Lecturer, Westweek in Los Angeles

1990 Received the Best Store of the Year Special Award; Received the Shokankyo Design Award '90 Grand Prize

1992 Lecturer, Domus Academy in Milan

1993 Lecturer, IDEAS'93 in Melbourne; Received the First Kuwasawa Design Award

1995 Lecturer, Politecnico di Milano

1996 Lecturer, Dutch Design Center Initiative in Utrecht; Lecturer, Design and Business Forum at ASPAT '96 MANILA

1998 Lecturer, Art Institute of Chicago; Lecturer, Luminaire in Chicago; Received the Japan Inter-Design Forum Award (Excellent Member Award); Lecturer, Design for Architecture organized by Alvar Aalto Museum in Finland; Lecturer, APSDA Conference in Malaysia; Received the Japan Interior Designer's Association Award

1999 Guest Professor, Sapporo University; Lecturer, Gothenburg Garden City Project organized by HDK University in Gothenburg, Sweden; Lecturer, Landspace and Man organized by University of Basque Country in San Sebastian, Spain; Lecturer, International Symposium organized by Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany

2000 Received Education Minister's Art Encouragement Prize

2001 Guest Professor, Tokyo Zokei University; Lecturer, Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany

2007 Spring, Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon

2008- President of Kuwasawa Design School 

Representative Works


1973 Bar, BALCON

1974 U-ATELIER, Lake Yamanaka

1975-80 SEIBU Department Store

1976-82 Boutiques for ISSEY MIYAKE

1983 WAVE Building, Roppongi, Tokyo

1983-86 Boutiques for YOHJI YAMAMOTO including Y'S SUPERPOSITION

1984 Boutique, CHARIVARI, New York

1985 Japanese Government Pavilion for Tsukuba Expo. '85

1987 Shelf Component System for ESPRIT, the United States

1989 The World Design Expo '89, YATAI, Nagoya; MATSUYA Department Store, Ginza; Hotel, IL PALAZZO, Fukuoka

1991 Clock, DEAR VERA <1989> was introduced by Alessi

1993 Collapsable Tearoom, JI-AN, GYO-AN & SO-AN


1998 Hotel, MOJIKO HOTEL, Kitakyushu; Lamp, PAPER MOON

1999 Wall cabinet, HORIZONTAL; Restaurant, MU-LAN

2000 Sofa, FRAGMENT; Optical shop, POKER FACE; Office, STAR ALPHA

2002 Jewelry shop, MONT ROND


Major Exhibitions

1984 Chairs Collection 1 at Tokyo Designer's Space in Tokyo

1986 Chairs Collection 2 at Axis Gallery in Tokyo; UCHIDA Furniture 1986 at Gallery 91 in New York

1988 KAGU Tokyo Designer's Week '88 in Tokyo ('89 in Osaka)

1989 Il Palazzo at Creators Gallery in Tokyo; Europalia: Creativity of Form in Kortrijk, Belgium; Shikimi, Three Nijo-Daime at Gallery Ma in Tokyo

1990 SAD: Home Sweet Home at Grand Palais in Paris, France; Il Palazzo and Six Designers at Gallery Ma in Tokyo

1991 Shigeru Uchida Kagu 1991 at Chairs in Tokyo

1992 Furniture as Remembrance at Pastoe Showroom in Milan; Shigeru Uchida & Hideo Mori - Horizontal + Vertical at Sagacho Exhibit Space in Tokyo

1993 Shigeru Uchida Tearoom Exhibition Yu-ni-arazu Gei-ni-arazu at Tobu Department Store in Tokyo

1995 Shigeru Uchida Tearoom Exhibition Method Remembered at Spazio Krizia in Milan

1996 Shigeru Uchida Tea Room Exhibition Method Remembered at Golden Shell Pavilion in Manila

1995-97Japan Today (traveling exhibition) in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Austria

1997-98 Shigeru Uchida (tea room) & Toshio Ohi (tea utensil) Exhibition at Asano-EX in Ishikawa

1999 Shigeru Uchida Furniture and Space Exhibition at Kobo in Tokyo

2000 Shigeru Uchida and Pastoe Exhibit Method Remembered II for essere ben essere at Triennale di Milan; Mostra Abet Laminati "Monitor Laminates"; Shigeru Uchida Furniture, "Fragment" at International Design Center Nagoya

2001 Shigeru Uchida Tea Room Exhibition Method Remebered at Bauhaus Univeristy in Weimar

2002 Shigeru Uchida Tea Room Exhibition Change Detail Now at Museo Minguzzi in Milan

2007 Sense of Weakness in Design in Milan, Italy

Permanent Collection

1988 Chair: SEPTEMBER <1977> at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

1991 HOTEL IL PALAZZO Drawings <1989> at the Denver Art Museum

1992 Chair: NY CHAIR II <1986> and lamp: TENDERLY<1988> at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Lamp: TENDERLY <1985> at the Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts

1993 Chair: NIRVANA <1981>, clock: DEAR MORRIS <1989> and clock: DEAR VERA <1989> at the Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts

1995 Tea Room: GYO-AN <1993> at the Conran Foundation in London

1996 Clock: DEAR VERA <1989> at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, Canada; Lamp: TENDERLY <1985> at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

1997 Chair: RATTAN CHAIR <1974>, Chair: SEPTEMBER <1977>, Clock: DEAR MORRIS <1989> ; Chair: OKAZAKI CHAIR <1996>at the Denver Art Museum


1986 Residential Interiors (Shinchosha)

1987 Interiors of Uchida, Mitsuhashi and Studio 80 (Rikuyosha Publishing/ Taschen)

1988 The Era of Chairs (Kobunsha Publishing)

1990 Hotel IL Palazzo (Rikuyosha Publishing) co-author

1992 Architecture Riffle 004 Hotel Il Palazzo (TOTO Publishing) photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka

1993 Architecture Riffle 008 Three Nijo-Daime (TOTO Publishing) photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka

1994 Japan Interior Vol.1-4 (Rikuyosha Publishing) co-author

1995 Bounds of Privacy (Sumaino Toshokan Shuppankyoku) co-author

1996 Interior Design Uchida, Mitsuhashi, Nishioka and Studio 80 Vol.II (Taschen)

1998 Mojiko Hotel 'Aldo Rossi' Shigeru Uchida (Rikuyosha Publishing)

2001 Furniture Book (Shobunsha Publishing)

2007 Japanese Interior Design - Its Cultural Origin(Japanese version
was first published in 2000 by Shobunsha Publishing)

2009 Japanese Design Philosophies - Time, Space, Memory, Nature
(Japanese version was first published in 2007 by Kosakusha Publishing)

2009 Designscape (Kosakusha Publishing)
W2400 x D2400 x H2000 mm W7' 10" x D7' 10" x H6' 7" Japanese cedar, spruce, agathis, bamboo Bamboo woven in grid
Item Number:F257P
Tearoom (Ji'An)
Item Number:3
Tearoom (So'An)
woven irregular
Item Number:4
Tearoom (Gyo'An)
Item Number:5
Tearoom (Sankyo)
crimson (indigo + dark red) 11 3/4" x 16 1/2" Uchida has made these ultimately simple utensils of “boxes” into a symbol of the pure mind and added them to the roster of Japanese traditional beauty. To appreciate this tradition of minimalist beauty, one must view it from the perspective of “wabi”, the spiritual aesthetic of the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete, rather than that of the extravagance that underlies the samurai aesthetic.
Item Number:7