Shiro-nagare Glaze Water Jar

Shiro-nagare Glaze Water Jar

Koichi Uchida
Ceramic + Porcelain
Water Jar
Item Number:C9161
10 1/4 x H4 1/2 in
26.2 x H11 cm
Koichi Uchida
Working in many pottery-making regions of the world after high school, Koichi Uchida’s travel experiences ended up informing his work as a ceramicist. By observing multiple methods of pottery-making, he ended up receiving not only an artistic but cultural education as well.

His exposure to different forms allows his works to take on varying styles, shapes and textures, from bronze tea ware to white porcelain plates and jars. The Matsunaga Jian Memorial Museum was re-opened in 2002 in order to display his works.

Uchida has held exhibitions in various countries throughout the world, including Japan and in New York.

1969 Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

1990 Completed the Ceramics Art Program at Aichi Prefectural Seto Ceramics High School Worked as a piece-work wheel operetor in a pottery workshop in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture Subsequently, visited overseas kilns in Europe, South East Asia, Western Africa, South America, etc. and observed the environment in which pottery was created by that individual town, village, tribe, ethnic group or person to study why and how it came to be what it is. Cooperated in a survey of the traditional potteries and earthen wares of each of the countries pottery: the design and construction of kilns, the firing processes, the preparation of clay and other materials, and molding methods.

1992 Moved to Yokkaichi City and set up as an independent artist.

1993 Active mainly in solo exhibits.

2000 Exhibited in the "Seeing Pottery: Craft Alive in Daily Life"at National Museum of modern Art, Tokyo.

2003 "Uchida Kouichi"Exhibition, Paramita Museum, Mie Prefecture
A collection of works published by Kyuryudo as "UCHIDA KOUICHI"

2004 "Seihitsu na Katachi[Quiet Shapes] Uchida Kouichi Works 2003-2004"Exhibition, Gallery Garaku, 4th MUSEUM RIVER RETREAT, Toyama Prefecture.

2006 "Ceramics Now and into the Future: Ceramics NOW +" The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo.

2007 Exhibited in "SOFA New York"

Produced and exhibited in Spain, England, Italy, Australia, America, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Chiana, Taiwan, India, Western Africa and so on.
10 1/4 x H4 1/2 in 26.2 x H11 cm
Item Number:C9161
Shiro-nagare Glaze Water Jar
H3 W4 1/4 D4 in H7.6 W10.5 D9.8 cm
Item Number:C1853P
Platinum glaze line englaving tea bowl