COLLECT ( London ) 2015

May 08, 2015 - May 11, 2015

The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects

8 - 11 May 2014

Thursday, May 7, 4-7pm : Exclusive Preview
Thursday, May 7, 7-9pm : Collector's View
Friday, May 8, 10am-12pm : Private View

Public view:
Friday 12pm -6pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday 11am -6pm
Monday 11am-4pm

Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York's HQ King's Road
London SW3 4RY United Kingdom

Ippodo Gallery

Based in Tokyo and New York, Ippodo Gallery works to foster and promote innovation in the traditional Japanese arts and crafts, with special emphasis on utensils for the tea ceremony.
Ippodo's collections express a contemporary sensibility which is so radical and pervasive that it needs a new name, 'Surjaponisme'.


Ever since they were first displayed at London's Great Exhibition of 1862 and the Paris International Exposition of 1867, Japanese art-crafts, or kogei as they are known, have made a powerful impact on the West. Japonisme has continued to exert a profound influence over painting, ceramics, objets d'art, furniture, textiles and even jewelry. Bringing art into daily life, its designs bring an understated beauty to unexpected places and demonstrate a close affinity with nature. The significance of Japonisme is immeasurable.

Firing clay, carving wood, forging metals and weaving threads, kogei continues to thrive in the twenty-first century. Its practitioners are quiet and single-minded. It is both a radical and a universal art form.
We welcome this contemporary sensibility and give it the name 'Surjaponisme'.

Artists Exhibited :

Ken Akaji, porcelain
Yuki Hayama, porcelain
Yukiya Izumita, ceramics
Shô Kishino, wood
Ryoji Koie, ceramics
Genbei Kondaya, textiles
Ken Matsubara, painting
Tohru Matsuzaki, lacquer
Junko Narita, doll
Yoshio Nishihata, lacquer
Harumi Noguchi, ceramics
Katsuya Ohigita, glass
Shota Suzuki, metal
Ruri Takeuchi, porcelain
Takashi Tomo-oka, photography
Shiro Tsujimura, ceramics
Yui Tsujimura, ceramics
Midori Tsukada, glass
Shinya Yamamura, lacquer