Eifu Kawamata

Exhibition of Edo Yuioke - Works of Eifu Kawamata

June 01, 2016 - June 11, 2016

Oke-ei was founded in 1888 in Fukagawa, Tokyo. The studio has been creating yuioke (a traditional Japanese wooden bucket) through traditional techniques.
There are over 70 separate processes involved in creating a single yuioke, and Eifu Kawamata, the fourth generation craftsman of Oke-ei, singlehandedly performs every step.
Kawamata’s yuioke is made from 300 year-old natural Sawara cypress, and no nails are used in its construction. This is a very unique and highly skilled process that is exceptionally rare in this world.
Kawamata inherits the timber’s natural formal beauty and strength, but also seeks its potential at the hand of the artist.