Sponsored by Kitamura Kobo

Flower Shell-Matching Exhibition - Wedding Furniture of Daimyo –

April 14, 2016 - April 23, 2016

During the Edo period, the wedding ceremony of a daimyo’s (feudal lord) daughter was of great importance and prestige; for this occasion, a large number of luxurious wedding furniture was prepared. Among them, Kaioke - a bucket for storing the clamshells used in the game of kai-awase (“Shell-matching”) – is a utensil embued in formality and which possesses a certain sophistication of Japanese craft.
50 lacquer artisans in Wajima, who have restored the traditional Kaioke in modern times with Tatsuo Kitamura (Unryuan), have created for this exhibition, pairs of clamshells for shell-matching, decorated with the flowers of the four seasons.