Kenji Hishida

An Exhibition of Lacquered Ceramics

February 26, 2016 - March 05, 2016

Lacquer is the sap of the lacquer tree itself. With the touch of the human hand, it can possess such a wonderful luster. I think lacquer ware precisely expresses the sensitivity of the Japanese people, who have lived closely with nature. I want to continue searching for ways to apply and integrate traditional lacquer techniques into modern life, all while maintaining ‘beauty’ as the ultimate end goal.
In this exhibition, I want to highlight the uniqueness of form in the various lacquered ceramics; communicate with lacquer what I find is a very Japanese sense of oneness with nature, tenderness, warmth; with gold Maki-e lacquer, the brilliance of Japanese traditional art-crafts; with tea utensils utilizing lacquer, the world-renowned Japanese aesthetic. Lacquer as a raw material is something whose charm I want to invoke and use as a form of expression.
- Kenji Hishida