Akio Mori

Jewelry and Ivory Tea-utensils Exhibition

January 16, 2015 - January 22, 2015

Akio Mori's jewelry pieces, composed of materials such as ivory and tortoiseshell, are a fusion of Eastern technique and Western design. These pieces, decorated with a special gold and silver lacquer (maki-e), have dazzlingly adorned glamour photo models, singers, actresses, and the like, for nearly half a century.

"Accessories, with their interior embellishments, make them all the more appealing in a world of visual beauty," says the artist. His jewelry bestows a certain elegance unto a woman, transforming her.

In addition to collections of jewelry, Akio Mori recently realized his long-standing vision of creating tea-utensils of ivory, including small boxes and tea caddies.
Ginza Ippodo Gallery introduces the pieces that have come out of Akio Mori's newest endeavors as well as his beautiful pieces of jewelry. We sincerely hope you enjoy the works in this exhibition.