Hideki Yanashita

Ceramic Exhibition - Firing in Anagama Kiln-

December 11, 2014 - December 20, 2014

After Hideki Yanashita graduated Kuwasawa Design School and joined a design firm, his interests led him to a fascination with the Japanese tea house.
Through time, his focus shifted from tea house to tea ceremony and then finally to tea bowls, at which point he journeyed on a path of self-discovery as a ceramic artist.

While under the tutelage of senior masters, he became attracted to texture and the beauty of glass; enchanted by Shigaraki ware and Iga ware, this defined his path as a ceramic artist.
When Yanashita was 39 years old, he met Sadamitsu Sugimoto and began to look up to him as a mentor.
Ginza Ippodo Gallery introduces Yanashita's world of refinement, filled with a quiet, yet shining presence.

"If I pay attention to form and color and keep in mind not to let go of the essence that I captured, there is a moment in which a certain level of clarity and understanding is reached. If I continue to accumulate these moments while studying nature and looking at Momoyama, 'the beauty of wabi and sabi' will surely be attained someday." - Hideki Yanashita

*Yanashita will be present at the gallery from December 11th through 14th.

*On December 14th, we will hold a year-end tea party. Let's have fun! Please give us a call (03-5159-0599) if you would like to participate in this event.