Tohru Matsuzaki

Jomon Red

October 09, 2014 - October 25, 2014
Tohru Matsuzaki

" Tohru MATSUZAKI will celebrate his 70th birthday on October 10. For some time now, Ippodo Gallery has hoped to hold a special exhibition in honor of this fact and we are delighted to announce that this has been made possible. Tohru MATSUZAKI first started working with wood 50 years ago and it is 30 years since I first came into contact with his woodcraft, becoming an avid fan. His large hands have given birth to countless works in wood, all of which display a gentle warmth. The interior designer, Shigeru UCHIDA is another fan of his work and it was he who first dubbed the red lacquer Tohru MATSUZAKI uses in his work,"Jomon Red." This is what we have decided to use as the theme for the exhibition.

The Jomon period in Japanese history began 16,000 years ago and lasted for approximately 13,000 years, which is to say, 130 centuries. Earthenware vessels bearing witness to the gentle, peaceful people who lived at that time have been excavated throughout the country.
This summer Tohru MATSUZAKI applied urushi lacquer to a reproduction Jomon pot in Yamanashi Prefecture and this pot will be used to hold wine. The talented photographer, Everett Brown, has produced photographs of Jomon pots that have been mounted as picture scrolls, the ends of the bottom roller of each finished with a rich coating of urushi lacquer by Tohru MATSUZAKI. Tohru MATSUZAKI aged 70. It appears that he aims to return to the origins of urushi lacquer--the Jomon period. "

- Keiko Aono, the owner of Ippodo gallery

Vermillion lacquer square stand
Tohru Matsuzaki
Black lacquer round box
Tohru Matsuzaki