Kai Tsujimura

Works of Ceramics

May 23, 2013 - June 02, 2013

We are excited to introduce our new exhibition at Ginza Ippodo Gallery, featuring the work of Kai Tsujimura.
The exhibition date: May 23 - June 2 in Tokyo.

Kai Tsujimura is the second son of Shiro Tsujimura, and was born in 1976.
He produces pots in a wide range of styles, including Iga, Karatsu, Bizen, Shino, Kohiki and Shigaraki, mastering traditional styles in a way that is quite remarkable for somebody so young.
Living in the mountains of Nara Prefecture, he devotes himself daily to his creativity.
His painstakingly made tea bowls and vases, small pots and containers, all epitomize the concept of 'functional beauty'.
They explore the subdued, simple refinement which defines Japanese aesthetics.
He also produces large pots embodying the power of his youth; one of which was acquired and made part of the permanent collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 2010.

In this exhibition, we will feature his newest work, Hikidashi-guro chawan, for the first time. Please come visit our gallery Ippodo in Ginza, Tokyo. The artist will be present during the exhibition.


For further information about this exhibition, please contact mail@ippodogallery.com