Masakatsu Tozu

November 16, 2018 - November 24, 2018

Masakatsu Tozu Collection

“Sarasa” Printed cotton Exhibition

Tozu Masakazu was born to a Japanese dye artisan family called “Kyozome” in 1942, within the Nishijin district of Kyoto.
He completed his formal education at Waseda University's Graduate School of Political Science.
Since 1970, Professor Tozu has been visiting Indonesia, Thailand, and China annually, to study their various ethnic communities . His research and collecting of artifacts has spanned nearly 50 years. Among his artifacts, he has collected decorative ornaments focusing on Indonesian batik and ikat, which have become central to his collection. The “Tozu Collection”, as it has famously become known, has grown to over 500 individual pieces, and is considered – both in quantity and quality – to be the most impressive of its kind in Japan.

The collection has been exhibited in museums, art museums, and department stores all over Japan. Some of these notable exhibitions include, “All Of The Indonesian Printed Cottons” Exhibition ( sponsored by Asahi Shinbun, 2007-2008), “Batik and Kimono” Exhibition (Hankyu Osaka Used store, 2018).

It should be noted that Indonesian batik was the first tradition related to native costumes to be recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This was largely due to Professor Tozu’s contribution to the batik world.

Professor Tozu is currently an advisor to Indonesia Jakarta museum and Sebelas Maret University's Java research department.

*Tozu Masakatsu
Hollywood Graduate University, Director Of Asian Fashion Culture Department
Kokushi Kan University, Honorary Professor
Chairman Of Japanese and Indonesian Fashion Culture Association