Kamio Ogata

The exhibition of Nerikomi ware

July 15, 2017 - July 22, 2017
Kamio Ogata

Kamio Ogata started creating ceramic works in his 30s. As a self-taught artist, he mastered the technique of nerikomi (neriage) and has been producing pieces with an unbounded freedom of expression.

Nerikomi ware is usually adorned with a pattern created from the combination of parts from various other patterns. As such, Kamio Ogata always considers the quality of movement in his works, and he is eager to express the atmosphere of today’s world through his pieces.
At this exhibition, Ippodo Gallery Tokyo introduces the world to his uniquely refined nerikomi wares.

"I am pursuing the world of neriage in an individualistic way. I strive to create pieces that embody this originality through unprecedented patterns and forms." – Kamio Ogata

Profile and Major Exhibitions

1949 Born in Iwamizawa-city, Hokkaidō
1983 Built a kiln in Shinshinozu village, Hokkaidō
1985 Nihon dentō kōgeiten (Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition) (seven times through ‘14)
Higashinihon dentō kōgeiten (Eastern Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition) (31 times
2003 Invited to join as official member of Nihon Kōgeikai (Japanese Crafts Society)
2005 The First Kikuchi Biennale, Musée Tomo, Tokyo
2006 Cool & Sophisticated: Contemporary Master Ceramists of Eastern Japan, Ceramic Art
Museum, Ibaraki
2007 Asahi Ceramics Exhibition
Chōza-shō Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition (also in ’11)
2010 Contemporary Traditional Craft: The 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition of Higashinihon
dentō kōgei-ten (Eastern Japan Traditional Art Crafts Association Exhibition), MOA Museum,
Atami, Japan
2013 The Eight Winds: Chinese Influence on Japanese Ceramics, Joan B Mirviss LTD.,
New York, NY
2017 Ceramics by The Japan Ceramic Society Award Winners, Wako, Ginza

And others

Major Awards:
1988 Hokkaidō Newspaper Prize, Japan Traditional Art Crafts New Works Exhibition (also in '95
and ‘05)
1998 Judge Special Prize, Third Mashiko Ceramics Competition, Tochigi (also in '00)
2005 East Japan Area Prize, 45th Japan Traditional Art Crafts New Works Competition
Oribe Silver Prize, Gendai chato-ten, Toki, Gifu (Contemporary Tea Ceramics Exhibition)
2016 Encouraging Prize, 1st Contemporary Ceramics Encouraging Prize Exhibition in
Hokkaido by Japan Ceramic Society

And others.

Selected Public Collections:
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA
Chazen Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin, WI
Minneapolis Institute of Art, MN
New Orleans Museum of Art, LA
Saint Louis Art Museum, MO