From the Hills of Nara

May 08, 2008 - May 31, 2008
Reception May 8, 5-8pm

Kai Tsujimura, born in 1976, is a leading light of the generation of Japanese potters just now coming into its own. The show at the Ippodo Gallery will be his debut exhibition in New York.

Tsujimura studied initially under his father, the famed potter Shiro Tsujimura. He embarked on an independent career in 1971, building his own home and tunnel kiln in the hills of historic Nara Prefacture. The younger Tsujimura, like his father, works in multiple genres, including rough-hewn, natural-glazed Iga ware; white-slip kohiki; and painted, transluscent-glazed e-garatsu ware. From the Hills of Nara will showcase a broad sampling of Kai Tsujimura's ever-evolving oeuvre. Highlighting the exhibition will be large Iga-ware vessels.