A Celebration of Spring -HANA-

February 05, 2010 - March 13, 2010

People feel novelty in thier hearts and this novelty is pleasant. The flower, the pleasure and the feeling of novelty are all one.
Zeami Motokiyo(1363-1443)

Ippodo gallery has planned an exhibition on the theme of flowers, 'Hana' in Japanese, to celebrate the arrival of spring. According to the traditional Japanese calendar, February 4 is known as 'risshun', the first day of spring. This is the coldest period of the year, but from 'risshun' we are able to sense the gradual approach of spring.
Ippodo will be holding an exhibition of arts and crafts by contemporary Japanese artists on the theme of 'flowers', a subject long loved in Japanese art, in order to share with you all the pleasure of spring.

Contributing artists:

Ken Akaji (Ceramic)
Kansuke Fujii (Painting)
Shin Fujihira (Ceramic)
Michiko Fujita (Japanese doll)
Mikiko Hayashi (Yamato painting)
Fujio Kawagishi (Painting)
Tetsushi Kokin (Painting)
Toru Matsuzaki (Lacquer)
Kohei Nakamura (Ceramic)
Katsuhiko Sato (Painting)
Yoko Semoto (Tempera painting)
Shion Tabata (Ceramic)
Shiro Tsujimura (Ceramic )
Yui Tsujimura (Ceramic )
Kai Tsujimura (Ceramic)
Shigeru Uchida (Design )
Norio Urano (Kimono)
Shinya Yamamura (Lacquer)
Masahisa Yamashita (Japanese doll)