White Hagi tea bowl '' Journey into Snow Mountain

White Hagi tea bowl '' Journey into Snow Mountain"

Ryusuke Asai
Item Number:C18810
Year: 2018
H3 1/2 W5 3/4 D5 3/4 in
H8.4 W14.4 D14 cm

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Coming from a father, Shinpei Asai, who is a photographer, and a grandfather who is a potter based in the city of Seto, the genes of creativity have passed on to son/grandson, Ryusuke Asai, who became a ceramic artist.
He is a dynamic artist, who also happens to be a musician, produces classical tea bowls with an ever so nuanced, minimalist approach while taking great care in the expression of each piece.

1966 Born in Nagoya, Aichi as the eldest son of the photographer, Shinpei Asai
1967 Moved to Tokyo
His grandfather, Tōtō Yano, and uncle, Junsuke Asai, were both potters so has been in contact with pottery his whole life.
1983 Entered Waseda University in Tokyo after attending Dartington Hall School in the U.K.,
and studied modern art craft history
1990 Entered the Ceramics Section of the Department of Art at Goldsmith’s College of London University and studied ceramic theory and practice
1991 Returned temporarily to Japan and studied under Ryōji Koie
1993 Returned permanently to Japan and worked in the Shigeru Uchida Design Office
1994 Began to produce traditional Japanese pottery, including tea ceremony utensils
2011 Solo exhibition at Ippodo Gallery Tokyo (also in ‘13, ‘15, ‘16 and ‘17)

His activities surpass the boundaries of various genres, such as ornaments, pots, paintings
and sculpture.