Green Triangle Dry Lacquer Object

Green Triangle Dry Lacquer Object

Shinya Yamamura
Item Number:C10158AP
H2 W2 5/8 D 3/4 in
H5 W6.7 D2 cm

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Fusing tradition with contemporary designs through thin, light wooden objects decorated using classic lacquering techniques, such as gold/silver lacquer, abalone mother-of-pearl and eggshell inlay, etc. His new designs include small boxes decorated with miniature universes that delight the viewer.

1960 Born in Chofu City, Tokyo

1984 Graduated from the Kanazawa College of Art

1986 Complete MA (major in industrial arts) at the Kanazawa College of Art

Present : Professor at the Kanazawa College of Art

Public Collections:

Victoria and Albert Museum/England
Scotland Royal Museum of the Arts, Edinburgh / England
Los Angeles County Museum of Art / USA
21st Century of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa/ Japan
The Clark Center for Japanese Art & Culture / USA
Seattle Art Museum / USA
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco / USA
Freer and Sackler Galleries of Art - Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC / USA