The Ippodo 20th Anniversary Party was held at the Palace Hotel on March 31st !


The Ippodo 20th Anniversary Party, which was held at the Palace Hotel on March 31st, was a wonderful celebration!

At the height of spring, with cherry blossoms in bloom, roughly 220 people came dressed in beautiful attire.
The event’s program consisted of various culturally-related and creative entertainment.

With the various works by our artists on display, we were witness to, and reaffirmed of, the great bond between guests and the art in our exhibition.

We are incredibly grateful for 20 years of support.
We at Ippodo take a passionate vow to continue to act as a bridge that connects those who create, with our beloved patrons.




On each table, flowers were displayed with Ippodo’s artists’ pieces.



A video of Kenji Wakasugi’s fusuma photographs marked a start of the party.

Opening speech from Keiko Aono ( Owner of Ipppodo gallery )


Performance of hand drum and flute by Mr. Denzaemon Tanaka and Mr. Denjuro Tanaka


Congratulatory speech from Mr. Yuji Akimoto ( Director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa )


Lecture by Genbei Kondaya, the tenth generation owner of the famous Kyoto Obi specialist, Kondaya, with the theme of “Trace the origin of the word Utsukushi (Beauty)”



His obi, which will be exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London this fall, were publicly displayed for the first time in the world.


A lacquer artist Tohru Matsuzaki proposed a toast.


Sakura drink – The cherry blossoms at the Imperial Palace were in full bloom.









Many excellent works by various artists were on display and fascinated people.


A total of 52 artists joined the party. ( Left: potter Shiro Tsujimura  Right: lacquer artist Tohru Matsuzaki )


Panel discussion with the theme of “Things that Jomon period conveys to the world of today” with Mr. Karoku Miwa ( Former Director of the Kyushu National Museum ), Ms. Reiko Tsukamoto ( Member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry ), Mr. Seiichi Kondo ( Former Director General of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan ), and Mr. Everett Brown ( Creative Advisor at the International Center for Japanese Culture ).


They gave very interesting viewpoints from the each field. The talk became animated and attracted the attention of the audience.


Lively lunch time


900 pictures which trace 20 years of Ippodo were displayed in a slide show during the meal.


We were thankfully supported by the partners to hold this party.



Closing speech from Shoko Aono ( Director of Ippodo New York )


All the staff of Ippodo were pleased with the success of the party.