SOFA Chicago 2015, a Great Success!




SOFA Chicago, which ran from 11/5 – 11/8, came to a close amid the entire event being a great success.

Being that it was the 5th time that we’ve participated in the fair, there was a sense of nostalgia as we came across familiar faces and felt the warmth of what seemed like a second home.

We were delighted to engage with many new people as well.

Many artists’ pieces found new homes, and the pieces on display brought out a variety of emotions in attendees. We thank everyone who was able to visit us at our gallery booth.


We will continue to find only the highest caliber of work within the genre of contemporary Japanese art-craft; our promise is to seek out these impressive works from all over Japan.

These are pieces that coexist harmoniously with nature, pieces that celebrate the joy of life, pieces that are born out of the artistry found in pairing the utmost level of technique with aesthetic sensibility.

It is in moments when world affairs look bleak that we can turn to the potential of the arts –

I believe that when beauty is created, it can spur empathy in human beings.


November 17, 2015

Ippodo Gallery New York