Love Stone Project

Atsuya Tominaga’s Love Stone Project arriving to NYC !

July 29, 30, 31, 2014

“If every one becomes one with nature, the whole earth will become one.” – Atsuya Tominaga


Atsuya Tominaga, stone sculptor and winner of the Grand Prize at the 25th UBE Biennale International Sculpture Competition, with his piece titled, “Our Love”, will be presenting Love Stone Project* to New York City – a project that the artist started in May 2014.

This interactive art project follows many large heart-shaped stones as they are brought to various locales in Japan, and throughout the world, where the people of the land – young and old – gather and polish the stones until they are completed. One year from now, all of these hearts will be joined together and exhibited in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, as a single work of art.

 In New York City, the project will have 3 sites of temporary installation: Central Park, Rockaway Beach, and High Line Park.

We invite you to join other New Yorkers in helping realize this exciting art project!

July 29 ( Tue ) Central Park Sheep’s meadow       West side of central park from 66th to 69th st ( Starts at 2pm )

July 30 ( Wed )  High Line Park   Westside of Manhattan b/w 10th and11th Ave on West 21st street  ( Starts at 2pm )

July 31 ( Thu )  Rockaway Beach                  Take A or S train and getting off at Beach 98th ( Starts at 2pm )

This project is open to the public and participation is free and encouraged.

To confirm the location and hours of the installation, please reach me at any time: Shoko Aono + 212 967 4899

* What is “ Love Stone Project”

Ippodo Gallery is working with the sculptor, Atsuya Tominaga, to spread his “Love Stone Project” throughout Japan and the world. In this project, where people come together to polish heart-shaped stones, we hope to use the universal language of art to encourage people – children and adults alike – to open up their hearts to one another on a fundamental, human level. We hope that through the act of polishing the stones one by one, participants will gain greater insight into the joy of life and living together – a perspective that will gradually help achieve love and peace in the world.

“ The act of polishing a stone is simple in the extreme – a rock gets swept down from the mountains in a river, its corners gradually wearing away until it becomes round. It is truly a natural process. The difference here is that we become the river current. My experience of having lived through two major earthquakes has taught me to stop opposing nature in my work as a sculptor. It also taught me that mankind should become a part of nature and that we are able to bring the world together through the warmth of our hands. “ – Atsuya Tominaga

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