Artist Spotlight: Kohei Nakamura

Born in 1948 in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Kohei Nakamura is part of a family of renowned ceramic artists in Kanazawa.

Kohei Nakamura has been featured in many public collections; from The National Museum of Art in Kyoto to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Nakamura became sensational in the contemporary art world in the 1990s through his extravagant and ornate ceramic sculptures.

Upon return to Japan, Nakamura’s visual language changed from a highly decorative subject matter to one that is subtle, timeless, and classic.


Nakamura’s teabowls are exquisite Korai, Raku, and Ido styles. Nakamura’s featured tea bowl is a contemporary Ido. Ido, the first of three types of Japanese tea ceremony bowls, is the highest grade of tea bowls.

With a beautiful contrast between the clay body and glazes, Kohei Nakamura’s tea bowls display a unique, yet graceful, elegance.