Thoughts from Daisuke Nakano

Nature always inspires me as a
blank canvas

Nature is beautiful because it changes.
Spring may come again but the same spring will never return– likewise, I slowly change as well.

Nature always produces beauty.
It is only a matter of how open I am to receive its beauty.
I trust my intuition so that it can inspire me at any time.

I often take walks.
I see things I would otherwise miss just by creating themes for my walks like: “let’s find a red thing today.”

Following the Nihonga (Japanese Painting) process, blank space is filled with gold and silver leaves, rejecting perspective. I find beauty in such flatness.
I then make a precise sketch to the exact size of the canvas.

At first, I trace the sketch onto jute paper at least 3 times, refining with fine point blush with sumi ink.
Only the necessary lines remain after exploring shape of every tracing.

Lines are the bones of Nihonga.

It takes courage for artists to refine their outline with thick, black sumi ink because it finalizes the composition.

Even though I paint animals, even though I paint flowers,
I never forget human beings.

Realism speaks the truth.

It is pleasing to paint when the pigment becomes something else.

I paint with nerve rather than feelings.
I paint with thought rather than emotion.