Green tea bowl with green glaze
Akio Niisato
Pentagon shaped tea caddy
Akio Niisato
Luminescent tea bowl
Akio Niisato
Blue tea bowl with white glaze
Akio Niisato
Black tea bowl
Akio Niisato
Lapis and white tea bowl
C16329 [SOLD]
Akio Niisato
Blue tea bowl with Indigo blue glaze
C17676 [SOLD]
Akio Niisato
Black tea bowl
C17681 [SOLD]
Akio Niisato
Akio Niisato
Niisato creates his Luminescent Vessels by utilizing the self-honed hotarude (transparent pattern) technique, which allows his translucent porcelain work to carry light in itself, much like a firefly.
Niisato’s works are admired worldwide; he has held workshops and participated in artist residencies in numerous locations, including the Art Center at Harvard in the US, Leach Pottery in the UK, and Museo Carlo Zauli in Italy.

1977 Born in Chiba
2001 Diploma, The Tajimi City Ceramic and Design Center
2011 Received a Fellowship of Japanese Government Overseas study program for artist by the Agency of Japan Cultural Affairs (Boston,USA)

Currently living in Toki, Japan

Selected group exhibitions:
2003 The 40th Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition, Aichi
2004 Cool & Light New Spirit in Craft Making at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2005 Premio Faenza 55th Editional, Italy (Also in ’07)
World Ceramic Biennale 2005, South Korea (Also in ’07)
2010 About the Tea Ceremony – A Viewpoint on Centemporary Kogei at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
The International Triennale of KOGEI in Kanazawa, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
2011 The White Time at Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art / Ceramic Art Messe Mashiko, Tochigi
2013 Master Teabowls of Our Days at Musee Tomo, Tokyo
2016 MADE IN JAPAN Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, Italy

Selected awards:
2005 Award for the New Artist, Premio Faenza 54th Edition, Italy
2008 Grand Prize, Paramita Museum Ceramic Copmpetition
2009 Incentive Award, Kikuchi Biennale, Tokyo
2014 Award for the New Artist, MOA Mokichi Okada Award, Tokyo