Natural ash glaze cylinder shaped tea bowl
C16465NP [SOLD]
Yui Tsujimura
Natural ash glaze round tea bowl
Yui Tsujimura
White Shino tea bowl
Yui Tsujimura
Yohen Kofuki tea bowl
Yui Tsujimura
White Shino sake cup
Yui Tsujimura
Yohen Kofuki sake cup
Yui Tsujimura
Natural ash glaze round pot
Yui Tsujimura
Natural ash glaze vase
Yui Tsujimura
Natural ash glaze torn pot
Yui Tsujimura
Natural ash glaze pot
Yui Tsujimura
Natural ash glaze pot with lid
Yui Tsujimura
Yui Tsujimura
The eldest son of the world-famous potter Shiro Tsujimura, he has been surrounded by earth and fire from his earliest years, living in close contact with freshly made pots and vessels. The works that spring from his hand possess organic forms like those of living things. The addition of Japanese oak ash to the kiln during the firing creates a fresh, blue/green glaze on the works.

1975 Born in Nara, Japan.

1993 Begin training under his father, a renowned
potter, Shiro Tsujimura.

2002 Build a customized kiln in Mima, Nara, and start working as an independent potter.

2003 Exhibit at Hankyu Department Store in Osaka.

Thereafter exhibits in numerous galleries and department stores throughout Japan.

Currently resides in Nara, Japan.

2010 Large jar stored for display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Public Collections:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA