Shigeyoshi Morioka
[Ceramic + Porcelain ]
Item Number:C3033P
W7 1/4 x D5 3/8 x H8 1/4 in
W18.5 x D13.6 x H21 cm

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Shigeyoshi Morioka
Shigeyoshi Morioka
Shigeyoshi Morioka
1948 Born in Nara Prefecture. Fond of mountains since childhood. Member of the Mountaineering Club in high school and college.

1970 Moved to America to learn film making. Entered "The Actors Studio," in Hollywood.

1974 Studied ceramics on Koya-san (*mountain) and built a kiln at his present location in Amano. Thereafter, kept producing pottery, mainly large stoneware with natural ash glaze.

1975 Studied earthenware in North and Central America.

1976 Studied ceramics in Korean, and their special kilns. Thereafter, visited Korea several times.

1978 Studied ceramics in Taiwan, and their special kilns.

1981 Solo exhibition at Minami Aoyama's Green Gallery. Also held in '83, '85, '87, and '89. Solo exhibition at New York's Aaron Faber Gallery. New York’s MoMA purchased one of his works for the permanent collection.

1982 Studied earthenware in Indonesia. From the end of 1982 to 1984, studied earthenware in India's Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

1985 Solo show in Shibuya's Seibu Department store. Thereafter, held solo shows in Seibu each year.

1988 One-man show in Gallery “Kaya” at the Kumagai Morikazu Museum.

1991 Climbed Pisang Peak (6100m) of the Himalayas of Nepal. One-man exhibition at Minami Aoyama's Green Gallery. One-man show in Gallery "Ranshou." Thereafter, held one-man show at Ranshou every other year.

1993 A collaborated show titled "Himalayas, the road of Joy." [Kanki no Michi: Himaraya"] was held at Gallery "Ranshou”, in partner with print artist, Ryu Oshima. Recently, holds many solo shows throughout the country.